Best tripods for Point and Shoot camera REVIEWED (2020)

You and me, everyone loves Point and shoot cameras. Point and shoot cameras are still the best handheld cameras in this world. Not only a retro person, every digital tech-savvy loves point and shoot cameras.

So here are the best add-ons you can buy to make the camera even prettier. After some research and analyzing the pros and cons of every budget tripod, here we came up with some for the best and hottest tripods for point and shoot cameras.

Top 5 tripods for point and shoot cameras.

1 Manfrotto MT055
2 Sony VCT-VPR1
3 Takama 66 inch tripod
4 Manfrotto Compact Action tripod
5 Amazon Basics P-Grip tripod

I use Sony RX100 VII Premium Compact Camera which is the top point and shoot camera at present. If you didn’t have any point and shoot camera yet, there is a good deal ($100 off) on Amazon and you can check it.

Point and shoot cameras are also known as compact cameras. As the name says, the point and shoot cameras are designed for more convenience. DSLRs and professionals cameras may need big knowledge and a heavy bag to make it safe. But compact cameras are easy to carry in the pocket.

1 Best selling and Premium tripod – Manfrotto MT055

One of the best tripods for point and shoot camera - Manfrotto MT055 Screenshot

Manfrotto is a brand that I cannot stop talking about on this blog. Manfrotto is one of the leading and giant tripod manufacturers that took my attention a few years back and still, I love these tripods. 

Manfrotto MT055 is a premium laptop with fiber legs that have an excellent grip on the ground with extra rigidity.

I highly recommend this tripod for professional photographers. I feel the price is a bit heavy whereas it could be $50 less for this type of material and the design. This tripod doesn’t come with the four leg section design (you could get the 4-section variant that costs $40 more). However, I’ve added the list of best tripods for shooting straight down or overhead shots.

I have used most of the tripods that have very basic finishing material on the top of the tripod where our smartphone and camera should place. When I was shooting using Amazon’s basic tripod, the rubber panel surface that holds the bottom side of the phone broke, and my phone just lost the balance because of the pressure from the mobile holder. 

I decided to get a premium tripod. Irrespective of the price difference, I choose to protect my smartphone and camera even in the worst-case scenario. I can say that this can be one of the best options for everyone. 

If you are just starting out, below are the recommendations that are low-cost tripods. But, if you are a photographer by profession, this tripod should join your room.


  • Design
  • Premium Quality finishing
  • Best for any photographer
  • Available with both 3 and 4 sections legs
  • Super high-quality center column


  • Price
  • Heavy Weight

Compact with a load: 12KG/26 lbs (Killer)
Maximum height of the tripod: 61.4 inch
Supports: Heavy lenses, premium, and bulk cameras

2 Sony VCT-VPR1

The next tripod on the list is Sony’s remote control tripod. Yes, you read it right. It’s a remote control app that allows you to control the tripod with a remote. But do not expect wireless remote control, you can take a Bluetooth controlled gimbal.

But it costs you more than you thought, and can’t expect great durability as well. So here is the tripod that matches all your needs and on top of that a remote-controlled tripod. For smooth movement, the tripod head is filled with the oil touch.

Let me tell you a drawback here. This tripod works only with the Sony cameras for remote control. For other cameras, you can just use this as a normal tripod. If you ask me is it worth using this for other cameras, I would say it is pretty good as the built quality stands good.

I don’t find any other strong points to recommend this tripod for other cameras because we have some better options as well. The approximate length of the wire for the remote control is around 800m. When you feel you don’t need the remote control anymore, you can remove it. 


  • Design
  • Excellent button quality
  • Detachable remote
  • Lightweight and compatible
  • Budget-friendly tripod (Best If you have Sony cameras)
  • Compatible with the latest camcorders too.


  • The remote control works only with Sony cameras
  • Other than the remote, the tripod is just like a normal one and the quality is just ok.

3 Takama 66 tripod

Is there any best point and shoot camera tripod that comes under $50? Yes, there we have a Takama 66 inch tripod. Well, this could be one of the best point and shoot camera tripods in the budget range if you are just starting out. This is one of the most hot-selling tripods on Amazon. Like me, there are thousands of other people who love this one. 

I’m just not coming to a conclusion after reading positive reviews only, my friend has been using this tripod. He got this one at his cousin’s wedding for heavyweight cameras and now it’s one of his best camera equipment he invested. 

The fluid head with soft touch and balance can withhold up to 10 lbs weight on it and the tripod height can be extended till 66 inches. The Panhandle is long and strong, to operate sturdy. 

This magic tripod comes with a year warranty and would be the best choice for travel videographers. However, I recently covered some best tripods for travel under $100, check it out if you are one of them. 

I recommend this tripod for videographers most because this tripod has the swivel silent feature to shoot noise-free videos. However, the tripod head is not removable. Any tripods that come under this price won’t have the option to remove the tripod head. 


  • Budget (Best in price)
  • Heavy & Study Pan head
  • Works with sony and any heavyweight cameras (w/o heavy lens)
  • Long-lasting


  • Not recommended to those who use lenses a lot
  • Resistance settings are hard to get for beginners

4 Manfrotto Compact Action tripod

The next tripod that’s a KILLER in the budget and also has a 5 section design. It’s something that one can expect in the price range. The Manfrotto compact action tripod is a great one that comes with the tripod kit and a heavyweight head. The center system and legs are lightweight and effortless to use. 

No matter which type of point and shoot camera you have, Manfrotto is always giving the best in design and durability. If you want to get a tripod that gives more satisfaction than the money you spent, this could be one. 

You will get a decent bag and universal smartphone clamp designed to attach any smartphone. We’ve covered some best universal smartphone clamps to take a look. 

You can check the complete specifications of the tripod from the official page. But here are some to notice, the center column closed length is 17.83 inches, the maximum height would be 61 inches and the minimum height is 16.3 inches. 

You can use this tripod to take macro shots of flowers, ground, insects as it points down like shooting straight down the tripod. But weight, if you are thinking to get heavy lenses on this one, you have to change the opinion. 


  • A good option for action lovers
  • Can use any camera
  • Build quality is good
  • Affordable
  • Feels premium (SOLID)


  • Bubble level on the head is missing
  • Cannot be used with heavy cameras with heavy lenses (Above 3.5kg)

5 Amazon Basics P-Grip tripod

The Amazon’s basic p-grip tripod comes from nowhere into the list but from Amazon itself. Amazon has developed the tripod in a beautiful manner that everyone is in love with the Amazon products so were we.

In this category, if you have a small and medium weight point and shoot cameras, it would be a perfect choice and most importantly, it’s Amazon’s product. Nothing else is important if you want to take a tripod for point and shoot camera and hence here we are.

It can carry up to 5Kg weight but be cautious with the lens. The heavy lens can lose the grip and the tripod legs can shake while balancing the tripod. The minimum height of the tripod is 33.4 inches and the maximum height would be up to 72.6 inches.

That’s crazy compared to the normal Amazons basic tripod. The p-grip design allows camera placement in virtually any position including 90 degrees. The leg locks are pretty good and sturdy to balance weights.



  • Bit heavy for binoculars
  • Legs cannot be flipped

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the best tripods for point and shoot cameras. We have listed some reasonable suggestions that you can take a look at. However, you can try any light-weight camera tripods as well.

Manfrotto MT055 is the best option for all types of photographers and if you have a sony camera, Sony VCT-VPR1 would be a perfect choice (dedicated tripod). Takama 66 inch tripod is a good one that comes under the budget range. Now, according to your usage and budget, you can choose any tripod. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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