Top 4 Best tripods for Shooting straight down (2020) TESTED

So you are searching for the Best tripod for shooting straight down and landed here right? But what exactly is ‘shooting straight down’ and how to use your tripod to shoot straight down easily. Here is the quick list of overhead or shooting straight down tripods.

And the best tripods for shooting straight down are;

1 Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 (#1 RECOMMENDATION)
2 K&F Concept TM2515T Tripod (Budget & premium)
3 ZOMEI M5 Tripod (best in the budget)
4 Yotilon 360°Horizontal Tripod (Highest rated)

What is shooting straight down? The shooting straight down is a technique of film making to shoot the videos from the top angle just by using a tripod to give the film look. You may have seen some filmy-look videos where you can see the top angle of an object (ex: people playing chess).

Most of the Youtubers film their videos using this shooting straight down technique, and you can see a lot of videos from YouTube.

Shooting straight down looks promising and interesting when you are taking photographs or filming a video.

Especially the ‘review YouTubers’ use this technique, and they stick with this to enhance the more video projection technique. It is simple and you just need some tools in addition to the tripod to shoot any video straight down.

Best Tripod for Shooting straight down

You just read what is shooting straight down and how to shoot straight down videos. Consider buying a quality product which can last for a long time, and it will be beautiful if you are filming a documentary or short films.

These tripods will have better flexibility and potentiality to carry even on occasions. You can take these tripods anywhere whenever you travel because these are user-friendly and made with good material around.

I’ve written a detailed article on the “tripod buying guide” to kill your confusion before buying a tripod. I shared my overall experience on the tripods I’ve been using now. Check out the article for a better understanding.

Alright, when we talk about shooting straight down tripods, then you have to consider the tripod size and weight. Even though these are essential, the most important thing is its flexibility.

1 Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 (#1 RECOMMENDATION)

Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB 100 (model) tops the list when it comes to overhead shooting. My neighbor is a photographer, and he has been using this tripod for a few months. When I was cuddling my puppy, I noticed that he is shooting straight down while he is explaining about some old coins.

It’s enjoyable to watch like that. But the thing that made me surprise is the tripod. Vanguard is one of the leading tripod providers we have. It also has a pistol grip model (that best suits in water areas) on Amazon, and you can check it.

  • The Altra Pro 263AB has strong legs with 26mm 3 section aluminum alloy material. That can be adjusted to 25, 50, and 80-degree angles for extremely low angle photography. The legs are quick to flip, and the feet are made with rubber spikes for a great grip.
  • It has the strongest SBH-100 ball head, which is one of my favorite tripod heads. The multi-angle central column allows you to move the central column from 0 to 180 degrees in various vertical and horizontal positions.

It also has another great feature, MACC. MACC stands for the multi-angle central column that re-arranges the central column in one simple movement.

Center column movement 0 to 180 degrees
Available in Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
Feet Skipped rubber feet and a removable hook
Folded weight 24.75 (Easy for backpacking)
Max & Min height68.25 inch & 6.25 inch
Maximum load capacity15.4 lbs
Weight4.41 lbs
User experience9.5/10
Buy From Amazon (on OFFER)

Vanguard Alta Pro (Best Overall)

Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB 100 (model) tops the list when it comes to overhead shooting.
Maximum height: 68.25 inch

2 K&F Concept TM2515T Tripod

We don’t want to confuse you with a lot of options. One thing you have to remember is every tripod has its own limitations and advantages.

No one can tell you this is the perfect tripod. That’s the reason why we have come up with only three options which will leverage your confusion.

You made find anyone from these tripods as best purchases because these three are tested by our team members and they have a very strong opinion.

But as you know, we made this list on the basis of moderate price, low budget, and Perfect premium look tripod within the budget.

  • Alright, let’s talk about the highlight points of this tripod. The K&F concept tripod has the best reviews among all other drivers in the budget and also in the list be made in the article.
  • You can blindly purchase this tripod which will double your satisfaction. This tripod has a very strong material used for its construction, and the legs are made up of strong material.
  • Without any other option in your mind, you can go with this best overhead shooting tripod in the budget of  $100. You can simply take down a leg to make it into a monopod with a simple tweak.

Even beginners can handle this tripod very easily because of its simple operating options. In this budget, you may find a lot of tripods without a perfect tripod head. But this device has a beautiful and strong tripod head.

Best for: This is an ideal tripod for most DSLR cameras.

3 ZOMEI M5 Tripod

ZOMEI tripod is the lightweight and portable shooting straight down tripod can take up to 17.6 lbs weight. This is a multi-purpose tripod, and you can take it anywhere and for any occasion like games, outdoor locations, camps, trips, and long journeys.

The tripod is a portable and very handful to use. Even a beginner can understand its operations, and he can play with this tripod to create more sharp edge shots.

There is no disappointment with this tripod. My friend recently purchased this tripod, and he is very happy with this product.

You can fold this tripod to a very comfortable size, and you can carry it anywhere. This is the best thing about this best shooting straight down the tripod. The quality and the material used for the tripod legs are beautiful.

It has four-sections legs to stand on the ground, and The Fourth section can be used to operate while you are Shooting straight down videos.

  • What we like the most; Portable 2 in 1 Monopod and tripod

4 Yotilon 360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod

Do you know what will be the next tripod in our list? Yes, It is the budget-friendly best tripod for overhead shooting. You can get this tripod for half of the price of the ZOMEI 72 inch Tripod mentioned above.

Yotilon 360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod - Best tripod for shooting straight down

That doesn’t mean that the tripod has limitations. You can use this tripod to carry anywhere, and you can also show text the hardness of the material used for the tripod legs.

It is the best selling budget tripod used for 360 degrees horizontal rotation that means you can shoot an entire location by just tilting the 4th tripod leg which can be extracted.

The tripod is lightweight, and you can use it for traveling purposes also. The weight of the tripod is only 3.4 lbs(1.56kg). The height is adjustable from 550mm(21in) to 1560mm(62in).

The folded tripod height will be around 420mm, which is movable. The extra strong leg will give you additional weight, but it is to balance the tripod in stabilization.

The fourth leg of this tripod is heavy, and it will work as a tilter for beautiful shots. You can also check the full review of this tripod here.

Here is the “Yotilon 360° Travel Camera Tripod REVIEW” Can you purchase it for $80?

What do I need to be able to shoot completely downwards?

If you are looking to shoot photos are videos that look completely down to the ground at a perpendicular angle for a 90 degrees tilt then you should select the right tripod and a ball head that can tilt but it shouldn’t point it down to avoid the triple legs in video.

Most of the tripods have a reversible center column that allows you to shoot straight down between the tripod legs. If your video is a short and sweet review video then you don’t have to move your tripod and can shoot the object in between the tripod legs avoiding the tripod legs in the frame.

  • You can also use a super clamp (from Amazon) and you can attach it to a tripod leg to capture whatever angle you like but don’t forget to add a counterweight to the other end.
  • Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB is the best tripod for shooting straight down you can take a look. And using this tripod, you can shoot the videos straight down or you can call it overhead shots because it supports the center tripod stand which can be reconfigured. (Link to Amazon)

As you can see in films, you can easily place the tripod wherever you need and you can pull the tripod Centre column to shoot straight down videos.

Also read, Best travel tripod under $100 – BEST TO PICK

Shooting straight down tips

If you are filming a YouTube video, then you probably need a table, and you need an extension arm to fix the camera and to continue your work. Then film your videos from this technique.

  • With extension arm: Shooting straight down will save your back from pain. With the extensions like this tripod extension arm from Amazon (I’m using it and I just love it), you can easily shoot the straight down videos. Shooting straight down is also known as ‘overhead shooting’.
  • With tripod: The best thing we can recommend is to purchase a tall tripod (Here is my recommendation from Amazon) which is above your shoulder and can point 90° downward. It will be the best technical parameter.

And focus on the video you are going to film. In most of the cases, tripods which support the 90° tilt will also capture the legs if you are shooting down straightly. That’s the reason you have to choose the tripod which can tilt the bottom 90° and also the legs can be movable.

If a tripod has the ability to compress the legs and can make a monopod then you don’t have to worry about shooting straight down because by using the single monopod you can shoot straight down videos for overhead videos by using weights on another side.

You have to move the tripod in 360 degrees to cover the area and to avoid tripod legs in the frame.

Alright, guys, these are the perfect tripod for shooting straight down videos. You may find a lot of options on the internet, but we have tested it recently, and soon we will make videos of this tripod.

So you can search for these tripods online, and you can hardly find a single defect.

Of course, every device has its own limitations but trust me, you will never regret after purchasing these tripods. For the budget of $120, you have the best tripod on the edge and also for the budget of $250 with an extra rugged look.

FAQ: Shooting straight down tripods

How do you shoot straight down with a tripod?

If you are filming a YouTube video, then you probably need a table, and you need an extension arm to fix the camera and to continue your work. Then film your videos from this technique. You can use any tripod arm extension that fits your tripod or directly you can get a value for money tripod that fits perfectly.

How do you film above a tripod?

You can use one of these tripods I’ve mentioned to shoot perfect videos and when you want to increase the productivity during overhead shooting, you can simply use any tripod extension arm. Choose one that has four-sections legs to stand on the ground.

How do you take overhead food shots?

To shoot overhead food shots for your food blog or video, you need a table and a tripod horizontal bar like this one. Not all tripods have this horizontal bar, for filmy photography, this could be the best option for overhead or food video shooting.

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