The Best Travel tripod under $100 that you are LOOKING

Are you thinking about making your photography sessions more amazing and sharper, as well? By using a Travel Tripod, you can easily have exciting photography experience. In photography, nothing comes better than a DSLR.

If you combine your DSLR photography passion with a tripod, then the experience will not only be amazing but exciting as well.

The tripod plays an essential role in making your DSLR shoot sharper. For purchasing tripod usually, people imagine the giant legs and heads but now have been changed. The small size travel tripod is easy to carry and handle. Check out all the fantastic details regarding the Best Travel Tripod Under $100.

If you are new to tripod buying, then you must refer this Guide on tripod buying Guide.

Why Do You Need a Travel Tripod?

If you are having heavy cameras and want to hold it for a long period while doing photography along with some adventurous activities like hiking and climbing then it will help you in getting the situation more steady. The tripods are more prone to shaky hands.

1 360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod

360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod is the first option available on our list. The central column of this 360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod can be put horizontally and rotated 360°horizontally

The panorama given in this tripod is ideal for panorama shooting. The built-in bubble level indicator plays a fantastic role in providing a quick level change. The perfect central axis helps you to click the best shots from all the angles. The best part about this tripod is that it is Lightweight, Compact and Adjustable. 

  • The weight of the 360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod is only 3.4 lbs. (1.56 kg) And its height is adjustable from 550 mm (21 in) to 1560 mm (62 in).
  • The folded height is 430 mm (16.9 in) which is small enough to be put in any backpack and give you convenient travel. You can also perform macro photography with the help of this, and we consider it as a Best Travel Tripod in $100
  • This tripod is Equipped with extra strong leg locks, and it is very easy to operate just with the help of one hand. This tripod can easily handle the weight of 10 kgs. 

With this tripod, you can easily handle the DSLR cameras, camcorders, lightweight or mini projectors, transfer plate, webcam, digital cameras, and so on. It is also equipped with the Quick Release Plate and 3-In-1 Use, and Spring Loaded Hook and Warranty of 1 year.

“These Tripod is ideal for Panorama and Macro shooting”

Product Name360°Horizontal Rotation Professional Travel Camera Tripod
Weight3.4 lbs./1.56 kg
Height550 mm to 1560 mm
Ball Head360 Degree
Load Capacity10 kg
Leg Sections4 Sections

2 Abithid Camera Tripod & Monopod for DSLR

Camera Tripod & Monopod for DSLR by Abithid, 62’’ Professional Horizontal Arm Tripod is also an amazing choice for those looking for the value of their money. 

  • The horizontal position function can help you achieve more shooting positions and angles, giving professional photographers more options. This tripod works well with DSLR, SLR, DV Scope Camcorder, video overhead camera, projector, etc.
  • It comes with a universal ball head design with 3 lock knobs and 360 degree panoramic panning dial. It is suitable for horizontal and panoramic shooting.
  • There are several unique features of this Travel Tripod under $100. This Overhead tripod for camera comes with 4-Section Legs, Quick Flip Leg Locks — 4-section aluminum alloy tubes with Quick Flip Locks glide in and out with ease.
  • The legs of this tripod are individually adjustable to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles. These can be individually adjustable to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles. The size of this tripod is so compact i.e. 16.9 inches. This tripod comes with great quality and it is stable. It is made up of Anodized Aluminum Alloy.

This tripod is so lightweight and portable that you can easily carry it anywhere you want. This tripod supports up to 22lbs but weighs only 3.4lbs. 

With the help of its bottom hook design, you can easily hang the weight and stabilize the things better. This tripod guarantees high quality with the best design.

“These Tripod is best for Indoor and Outdoor Photography”

Product NameCamera Tripod & Monopod for DSLR
Weight3.4 Lbs.
Height22 Inch to 66 Inch
Ball HeadPann Range: 360°
Load Capacity22 Lbs.
Leg Lock TypeTwist Lock

3 Victiv 72-inch Camera Tripod

Another best option available on the list is Victiv 72-inch Camera Tripod. It is so lightweight and convenient for those who travel a lot. It weighs only 4 pounds/1.8 kilograms. 

Because of having lightweight, it is easy to carry it along anywhere easily. You can easily keep it in your strap bag and the Flip leg lock is also there to provide the fast set up. Even if you are a blogger or a YouTuber, then also you will find this tripod an interesting option. 

  • The height of this tripod is 21″ -72″. It can easily be used with binoculars for star viewing. Even though it is a preferred choice for family and home movies.
  • To get the right height, the 4-section column legs can easily get stretched up. It is made up of aluminum alloy. As compared to the ordinary tripod, the leg tubes are sturdy and thick. It plays an important role in keeping the camera steady.
  • It can easily get converted into a monopod from a Tripod.

Your traveling weight can easily get managed with this. The 360 degree panning and tilting with horizontally and vertically makes it easy to change directions at different angles. 

Product NameVictiv 72-inch Camera Tripod
Height21 inch to 72 inch
Tilt Angle+90° / -60°
Load Capacity9.2 Lb./4.1kg
Leg lock typeFlip locks

“It is a perfect choice for the amateur Photographers and Travelers”

4 Joilcan 80-inch Tripod

Last but not least is the Joilcan 80-inch Tripod for Camera, Aluminum Tripod. The Three-section aluminum legs are equipped with the twist locks that can easily get extended from 18″ up to 80″ in seconds. 

  • The larger ball head has a diameter of 38mm and comprises aluminum alloy. The alloy ensures the head’s overall security & stability. Thicker and stronger aluminum leg tubes with a twist-lock further enhance stability on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • You can consider it as the best traveling companion. It comes with a compact folded length of just 18 inches. It is comfortable with a tripod bag to carry for short hikes and even long-distance traveling.
  • This 3.37 lb. tripod supports point-and-shoot, mirror less and DSLR cameras weighing up to 19 lb.

One leg of this Joilcan 80-inch Tripod for Camera, Aluminum Tripod gets converted to a monopod for versatility and convenience. 

It is best for Traveler’s looking for stable and Lightweight Tripod

Product NameJoilcan 80-inch Tripod
Weight3.37 lbs./ 1.53 kg
Height7.8″/ 19.8 cm to 80″/ 203.2 cm
Ball Head360°
Load Capacity19 lb./ 8.8 kg
Leg lock typeTwist Lock

Picking the Best Tripod

According to the details and reviews given regarding the best Tripods, we will suggest you go for the “Camera Tripod & Monopod for DSLR”. It is not only the best choice but also a value for money. It will provide you the best satisfaction in terms of photography and the traveling experience will become more amazing. 

Final Verdict

Hence, these are all the details regarding the Best Tripods under $100. We hope the above-given details will prove to be helpful for you and you will be able to enjoy the photography sessions up to extend. 

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