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Whenever I see a new gadget a product I love to use it. When I am working on the streets,  there was a guy who is using a professional tripod for photography. I noticed that he is changing the quick release plate for multiple cameras. I asked him about the quick release plate replacement and he said that he loves to increase platelet instead of the mounting screws. 

So how can I want it is a quick release plate for a tripod and why people love it. Not only the guy but also I love the quick release plate

The quick-release plate is important for a tripod to attach a new camera or a smartphone without depending on the mounting screws.  

What is a quick release plate for a tripod?

The quick-release plate is attached to the top of the trackpad to make it easier for attaching and detaching the camera or a smartphone.  At the bottom side of the camera, you may notice a mounting screw. This screw is used to mount cameras. You can also buy the new quick-release plate for tripod from online stores. 

The Quick-release plate is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. Instead of screwing the camera to the tripod, you can attach it to the quick release plate where the bottom side of the camera will directly go into the quick release section. 

Are all tripod quick release plate the same?

Not all tripod quick release plates are the same.  The manufacturers of the cheap quick-release plates have their own design of the quick release plate which does not show efficient we can see.  

Neither we can remove it not replace it. Some of the basic tripods you can buy on Amazon don’t have the dedicated quick release plate.

It’s so sad that the minute difference in the quick release plate system can make a change in the whole pattern of photography.  If you ask the professional photographers about the importance of a quick-release plate then probably you will end up buying a quick release plate to attach it to a tripod.

Common types of Quick Release System

I have mentioned some most used and common types of quick release plates. Either you can decide to buy it or you can decide to buy the tripod which has the best specs Quick-release system. Even in the case,  you have to buy an additional quick release plate just as a safety purpose.  

Cameras have the screw holes at the bottom side which can fit on both 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC screw holes. Most of the attachments like quick release plates will have both supporting screw hole sizes. If not, then you can go for an alternative. 

1 Arca-Swiss Quick Release System

Arca-Swiss is well known in the camera manufacturers. The original Arca-Swiss plate and clamps are followed by the famous chines biggies like Markins, Giotto, Vanguard, Sunwayfoto, etc.

Arca-Swiss Quick Release Systems are not standardized and can come in a wide variety of sizes from various makers.

2 Manfrotto RC2 plate

Most of the Manfrotto RC2 plates are universal that means you can use it for any tripod head. Manfrotto is the most popular and famous tripod manufacturer as we know. It has been producing some great tripods for a long time.

Manfrotto is one of the finest choices while choosing the light-weight backpacking tripods. Manfrotto RC2 is the one for the most used quick release plates. This giant company is making this tripod quick release plate in a rectangular shape for more flexibility in holding smartphones and cameras.

By far, many of the Manfrotto tripods are offered with the RC2 connector, but you can also use any third party quick release plates and heads with the Manfrotto tripods. 

Importance of Quick-release Plate on a tripod

If you are lazy like me, then order some smartphone holders and more than two universal quick release plates for your cameras. Even though the camera has a screw hole at the bottom side, you need a quick release plate to minimize your time in releasing the camera and tripod. 

If you want to use a smartphone for the tripod then you need a mobile holder where the screw holes don’t involve. A lot of professional photographers use a DSLR with a tripod and here is the article I’ve written on ‘Smallest DSLR tripods in budget is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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