A Perfect Tripod Buying Guide You are Looking in 2019 [EASY]

A tripod is necessary if you want to take steady pictures and videos. Here is a detailed tripod buying guide you can read and decide. Tripod buying is a simple task if you are a professional in choosing the cameras and tripods. However, here you are going to learn how to choose the best tripod … Read more

K&F Concept TM2515T Tripod Review – HONEST Opinions shared

K&F Concept TM2515T Review

There is one thing which itches every photograph is ‘Stability’. Of course, stabilization made easy with smartphones nowadays with inbuilt EIS feature. But, none can match the awesomeness of a tripod or stabilizer.  You need a tripod or stabilizer for filmy type shots. Tripods or monopods are user-friendly devices to make your phone or camera … Read more

Why tripod is not allowed in mumbai (India)? #1 PERFECT alternative

If you are a photo lover who uses a tripod to take photos and videos and living in Mumbai, then you probably come across with a doubt ‘Why tripod is not allowed in Mumbai? The reason why tripod is restricted in Mumbai is, for commercial purposes and the privacy of the people. After attacks and … Read more

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