7 Affordable universal standard tripod mount for Smartphone

Tripod Mount is something we need whenever we want to switch from camera to mobile. Even though there are so many tripod mounts on Amazon, you would like to get those which support every mobile or every camera in the industry.  

When I sold my old Smartphone and got a new one, then I found it is something wider than I expected. I have the basic tripod Mount which is stretchable, but it cannot hold the Smartphone, which I am using now.  

For that purpose, I have to look for some Universal standard tripod mount for better stability and durability. I don’t want to get into the problems again and again. So here are some of the best universal standard tripod mounts I have found on Amazon. 

Is there any standard Tripod mount? Yes, we have some standard tripod mounts according to different screw sizes. Before that, you should know the thread size of your tripod. The standard and universal tripod Mount screw is 1/4th 20 threading. But according to Wikipedia, in the modern era, we are using 3/8-16 threads as well. 

Tripod mount choosing as clumsy as tripod choosing. But do not worry, I’ve written a great article on How to choose the best tripod, and you will love that because no one talks about the issues while purchasing.

Best universal standard tripod mounts and threads (available on Amazon)

1 Kobratech tripod Mount
2 Manfrotto Universal Smartphone Clamp (MTWIST grip)
3 Vastar Universal Tripod Mount
4 KobraTech Metal tripod mount – UniMount 360 Pro
5 ULANJI ST-03 tripod mount
6 Woohot 360 Tripod Mount
7 Manfrotto Universal basic Clamp (M-CLAMP)

1 Kobratech tripod Mount

standard tripod mounts - screenshot of Kobratech tripod Mount

The Kobratech tripod mount is an excellent example of the universal standard tripod mount that is available in $20 (price may vary sometimes, you can always check from here). This universal tripod mount holds any size Smartphone even with the case.

But with this tripod mount, you can even hold the case. By far, if you are using iPhone 11 pro-Max, XS Max, iPhone 8, 8 plus, or any Samsung mobiles, it fits best. When you are using a standard tripod, you must have these tripod mounts to attach any smartphone. 

You can attach this Mount and you can turn it around 360 degrees so that you can take portrait and landscape photos or videos too. It’s a pain in nails to remove your cell phone whenever you try yo rotate the angle. 

It has two 1/4 screw holes to mount it on any tripod or monopod with a 1/4″ mount. You will also get a remote with this tripod mount for Bluetooth pairing. The Bluetooth remote is super fast in taking extreme sharp shutter. You can take pictures that are 30 ft away. 

2 Manfrotto Universal Smartphone Clamp

standard tripod mounts - Manfrotto Universal Smartphone Clamp

And here it is. My favorite brand when it comes to giving quality tripods in the budget range. Manfrotto is a famous brand that gives great tripods out, and in the list of universal smartphone clamp, how can we forget it? The Manfrotto is great but not cheap. 

But for the products it gives is worth every penny you are gonna spend. Manfrotto TwistGrip is a great universal standard tripod mount to hold smartphones. The finishing outside and the grip inside made this mount a special one. 

I found other alternatives in the budget, but this Mount enhances the photographic of any smartphone and easy to use twist movement. The locking knob is fit for its stability with robust material finishing. 

The slim and handy shape for great portability and durability purpose. The high-quality material used to make the edges and base of the product. The material is so shining that the design and finishing look so cool and sharp. 

3 Vastar Universal Tripod Mount

Another amazing universal tripod mount that can hold any smartphone –  Vastar Universal Tripod Mount. This universal tripod has 360 degrees rotating phone holder for both portrait and landscape (horizontal) mode. The screw secure with a tight grip and will not damage the exterior even if you place heavy or lightweight smartphones or cameras. 

The multiple mounting locations meet your various needs for photography and videography. The mobile phone clip size is 58mm to 101mm, and the internationally standard screw size is 1/4th interface. You can get this universal tripod mount for below $10 on Amazon. For more details and specifications, you can check the Amazon official listing page. 

The finishing is made quite easy, and you don’t have to bother about scratches that you feel when you hardly move the Smartphone or camera. I cannot say it supports all mobiles in the industry, but it supports most of the famous and branded mobile phones we have right now.

The only reason this universal tripod Mount takes into the list is the price. Compared to other standard tripod mounts, this is something cheaper I found on Amazon

Most of Manfrotto tripods are made up of some material specially made from Italy. Combine additional accessories can make the feel more awesome. You can even carry a mic and lighting by attaching additional accessories. It also comes with some straps for hands-free mode. 

4 KobraTech Metal tripod mount – UniMount 360 Pro

Here comes another one from Kobratech. The KobraTech tripod mount 360 pro is a great wight tripod mount that can hold heavy weighted phones too. if you never used a tripod mount and want to try a universal tripod mount then this would be a great fit for you.

Sit back and relax while you have this tripod mount. Talking about the features, this tripod is capable of holding all iPhone and Samsung devices. The mount is made up of solid metal for a better grip. You can try landscape shots and vertical shots as well.

The 360-degree SWIVEL ball head is quick rotating head for easy movement in up, down and tilt movements. It has some splendid add-ons to hold a light or mic. Thus, you can expect mini camera equipment with this mount and any smartphone combo.

I guess most of the standard tripod mounts are missing this feature and while you are spending handsome money, you could get it. As we said, it has 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw hole threads for modern mounts and ancient mounts as well.

Bonus: You can get a dedicated remote shutter for wireless photos and video shooting. You can connect with Bluetooth and can operate the mount from 30 ft away. Now that’s something everyone likes for great productivity.

5 ULANJI ST-03 tripod mount

Ulanzi ST-03 is a stylish universal tripod mount that looks perfect on each side. The Acra style quick release plate is best for all iPhone and most of the android phones as well. The best thing and the only thing I like about this tripod mount is the color and design. The metal CNC made high quality and security phone tripod mount adapter. 

The Acra style quick release plate is compatible with Manfrotto RRS Acra swiss tripod ball head. The hidden, cold shoe mount with attent hidden shoe mount that is compatible with all video microphone and led video light or a GoPro on the top of the phone mount.

This is ideal for best pocket-size compatibility with the length 106mm, width 38mm, and weighs only 86.8 grams. Make sure that you have ST-06 as well, which is cool, but the design is not up to the mark. 

Most of the people think that it just gives a look, but for your presence, it is a universal stand that needs no attachments. But is this really a universal standard mount? It holds the phone from 2.28 to 4.1 wide. Not sure if those are inches are cms.

But I guess it was inches as most of the smartphone brands are displaying in inches parameter. This clamp can be attached to any tripod that supports 1/4-20 inches thread. 

6 Woohot 360 Tripod Mount

The Whoohot 360-degree rotation phone mount is another great one on the list. It’s something small, new and cool look. This simple universal tripod mount made with metal for better durability. The ‘i’ shaped cell phone bracket with a 360-degree rotation feature will allow taking portrait and landscape shots. 

You can rapidly switch from horizontal to vertical shapes with the attached rotating plate. It has a cold shoe mount on the top, where you can mount the microphone or LED light as well. Well, most of the tripod mounts don’t come with these features in the budget. It’s something impressive that it has this feature. 

You can get this universal tripod mount for below $20 from Amazon. As Amazon continuously change prices, you have to check on the official page for the price. It is compatible with all mobile phones we have now, and you can attach this tripod mount to most of the stand tripod thread screws. 

This is one of the hottest tripod mounts on Amazon, even though it is new. It has 1.4 ports at the backside. And 1/4 and 3/8 ports at the bottom side of various professional devices. 

If you are interested in filmmaking, you can use your Smartphone with this Mount for ease in movement and better grip. The quality is good, and you won’t be disappointed with the price and durability. 

7 Manfrotto basic clamp (M-CLAMP)

The second tripod mount from the greatest company Manfrotto. Either you can get this one from Amazon or you can get it from Manfrotto. There is nothing much to talk about this mount if you can see the brand Manfrotto.

It has some great design that attracts people just with its design and also it can be used as the table base. The grip is made up of the silicone rubber pads for a better grip from falling. It is compatible with any design or any smartphone that has 8.4 cm wide and accommodates phone cases as well.

It is ideal for capturing group photos, vertical and horizontal shots. It has two 1.4 female threads located at the base and on the back of the clamp. If you ask me the difference between MTWISTGRIP and M-BASIC clamp, then I can say that price.

Along with that, metal and durability also vary. You can see a mounting hole at the back of this tripod mount and another one is at the base of the mount. It can act as a mobile holder as well. WIth the attached clip at the backside, you can open it and can place it on the table to hold your mobile smartphone.

These are some of the best and affordable Universal tripod mounts available on Amazon. You can try any one of these tripod mounts. As good as you can make great video shoots using a smartphone, this would be a better add-on for you. While you have tripod and lighting equipment, you should have some accessories to make your work smarter.

A lot of tripod mounts I’ve used are not universal and some cheap tripod mounts got broken too. And that’s the reason why I switched to universal tripod mounts. Now, I don’t have to worry about the tripod mounts for various smartphones.

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