6 Awesome online and Offline stores to buy a Tripod

Tripods are game-changers in the digital world. Especially if you are a traveler, YouTuber, and photographer, you will love tripods and monopods as you do for your cameras. Either if you want to travel to the hill station, you need a monopod or a tripod. Tech-savvy is familiar with these tripods and monopods for their better productivity. 

In this digital world, we are welcoming every new gadget that can save our time and improve productivity. Drones and Gimbles are a few of the tech gems. When we talk about tripods and cameras, this is the sweetest combination after jelly and bean. 

A lot of photographers and filmmakers (documentary or short films) are looking forward to having the best out of it all. They love what’s grooming around in the photography industry. 

Even though drones and gimbals trending to hold a camera or smartphone, tripods and monopods are still cake pieces for hands-free mode. 

From where you can buy these tripods? Amazon is not only the landing page for tripods. Here are a few that need hands down for producing tripods. Here is the list of top tripod selling sites.

Where to Buy a tripod?

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • B&Hphotovideo
  • Manfrotto
  • Adorama

1 Amazon

As it says, You can get A to Z from Amazon International. Amazon is a leading online shopping portal that sells everything. To add a surprise, Amazon is now stepped into the industry of Webs services, video streaming services, cloud platforms, music services as well. Amazon is a great place to buy any photography-related products like cameras, lenses, tripods, monopods, and drones. 

It has a vast number of collections. Over 142.57 million people from the U.S.A accessed the app in March 2019. 89% of buyers admitted that they trust and use Amazon to purchase products than any other online shopping portals. 

119,928,851 = The total number of products listed on Amazon.com as of April 2019. 

Now that’s something you have to note. Amazon is such a great place to get your day to day products. 

Do we recommend Amazon for “tripods”?

My brother says he loves Amazon just for the name. Any internet user can say that Amazon is recommended. Of course, we highly recommend Amazon. It has a vast number of sellers with positive feedback. 

2 Best Buy

Best buy is a leading portal that provides technology products worldwide. Best buy has its stores in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Unlike Amazon, Best Buy is famous for electronic goods and services. The giant company generated a revenue of $43 billion in 2019 from the US alone. 

The official website (bestbuy.com) has 197.9M visits in November 2019. A lot of people opt for BestBuy for electronic items like Cameras, tripods, Monopods, and more. When Amazon is ruling the world, Best Buy is making a big mark in the world. 

Amazon is an eCommerce platform, whereas Best Buy is a retail platform. Best buy said that people visiting stores and online website increases and it hits the conversion rate too in Q2 of 2019. 

Do we recommend Best Buy for tripods?

We recommend Best buy for tripods and cameras with a mark of 9 out of 10. Best buy is a great place for consumer electronics. 

3 Walmart

Over 440.8M visited Walmart’s website in November 2019. In Walmart’s 2019 annual report, it said that Walmart generated over $500.3 billion in revenue. Walmart has 11,700 stores in 28 countries. It has 75 million products and 100k suppliers.

Even though Walmart was the largest U.S. grocery retailer in 2019, you can also buy tripods from the store. Walmart offers low prices for the customers, for which it has been witnessing massive growth every year. 

Do we recommend Walmart for tripods?

Walmart has great prices for Tripods. Even though the store has different products, you can give it a try. It has some reasonable prices on Tripods and monopods. 

I’ve also covered some best travel tripods under $100 to get started with travel photography (beginner-friendly). 

4 B&H Photovideo

Another great landing for Photography related products. B&H Photo Video is a source of providing photography-related products like cameras, tripods, monopods, lenses, drones, photography bags, camcorders, and more. It is also selling lighting and audio related products on the site. 

If you are a photographer, editor, and computer savvy, then B&H Photo Video is a great place to take a tour. When it comes to tripods, it will bounce you back with other tripod related products like tripod head, tripod legs, tabletop tripods (You can replace a tripod head yourself, head over to this article where I explained ‘How to fix a tripod head that fits perfect’), tripod cases and leg protectors too. 

It is a hub of tripod products, you can say. You can get a wide range of tripods list according to the price, starting from $24.99 to $3,649 for a professional tripod. You can also compare the multiple tripods side by side before making the purchase. 

Do we recommend B&H Photo video for tripods?

Of course, we do. It has over 1300+ tripods in different price segments. Starting from a cheap and best tripod, you can end up buying an expensive tripod than your camera. The best thing about B&H is, you can purchase tripod heads, legs, and leg protectors too. 

5 Manfrotto

Manfrotto is a brand of camera, lighting, tripods, monopods, and other photography departments. Manfrotto tripods are well respected in the industry as a quality and cost-effective choice for tripods. 

But when you were dealing with such a giant and trusted the brand, you should know that the cost would be a little more expensive than Amazon. Unlike other online retailers, the brand itself makes camera accessories. From the online site, you can get Tripods, tripod heads, legs, monopods, mini tripods, remote control sliders, backpacks, lightening stands, and more. 

Officials from Manfrotto say, “Manfrotto tripods were designed to meet the needs of every photographer” as an Oath. Now that’s something interesting! 

Do we Recommend Manfrotto for tripods?

Manfrotto is a world-famous brand in digital departments. It has an excellent collection of tripods. The only downside with this brand is “Price.” It is a little more expensive than regular tripods. Otherwise, the finishing and quality of the material are worth the price. 

6 Adorama

Adorama – The easy destination for tripods, lenses, drones, and photography products. Adorama also has mirrorless cameras, Digital point, and shoot cameras in the store. Adorama is a great place to purchase lenses, tripods, DSLR, monopods, camera batteries, lightening studios, and more. It also makes the way to buy home electronics like printers, scanners, home theater products, and more. 

Along with tripods, you can also get monopods, tripod mounts, quick release, tripod heads of various brands like Acebil, Benro, Krik, Manfrotto, Velbon, and more. The price range will vary from $25 to $750. The maximum price for a tripod is below $750. You can also get photo printing and camera rental services from Adorama. 

Do we recommend Adorama for tripods?

Adorama is a beautiful place to check tripods. However, none can beat the awesomeness of Amazon. But as a dedicated photography department portal, Adorama is an excellent choice to purchase tripods (exceptionally affordable).

These are some of the best destinations to look before buying a tripod. But if you are still confused about which and where to buy a tripod, then refer this Tripod buying guide I’ve written after some bad purchases. Happy filming. 

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