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I was trying hard to figure out what went wrong with my tripod head. As always, I was filming some nature videos to add to my library. Unfortunately, my tripod head got injured. It broke, I mean…

I don’t know what to do and how to fix the tripod ball head. And making the situation worse, I don’t have a smartphone because I was shooting the early morning shots with my DSLR. So how can I get rid of this problem? 

And I’m sure most of the people stuck with the same thing as I Did because the low budget tripod is delicate to handle and sensitive to travel with. Here is the solution you can follow if you accidentally break your tripod head. 

So, how to fix a tripod ball head? If it is a high-end tripod, then probably you should look for a new tripod head if the tripod head damaged completely, or you can take the help of some screws to replace. If it is a low budget tripod, then you can easily find a replacement within $15. 

Have you knocked in confusion? Let’s discuss intensely to find the perfect replacement. 

What is a tripod ball head?

Generally, you cannot stand the tripod with only three legs. To place your camera and smartphone, you need a tripod head that suits you. It allows the orientation of the device to manipulate or locked down.

The key function of the tripod head is to provide the ability to hold the attached device, whether it is a camera or smartphone or a Gimbel as well. The tripod head allows the camera holder to pan or tilt with which rotates the camera or smartphone. 

We have various types of tripod heads available, and they provide different mechanisms and operations, as well. If you have the budget tripod, then you will hardly find a tripod head, or you will find one in less than $30. But if you have a high-end tripod or standard tripod, then you have to spend $100 to replace the head

The tripod head may be used without the section of the legs, as well. Heads can be attached to monopods to provide more flexibility when you are filming in the Forest area or while traveling. 

Some tripod heads will restrict you from operating the movement in a single-axis while others offer 360° rotation as well. It all depends on the tripod type and the budget you have in your pocket. The base mount is the connection between the tripod head and legs, the pointer where the tripod head and the device attached are known as the head mount. 

The base mount and head mount are completely different. Many basic tripod heads use the head mount, but the higher-end models often include a camera mounting and 360° tilting function. 

Tripod heads are mainly five types and they are

  • Ball head
  • Geared head
  • Panoramic heads
  • Gimbal heads
  • Pan heads. 

Tripod heads can be built with various materials. The materials used to construct tripod heads and the physical designs of various heads can be different according to your needs and budget. 

Let’s dive into those materials used to build a tripod head.

What material used to make a tripod head?

Today, there are two types of materials used for tripods and tripod heads. Aluminum and carbon fibers are the most commonly used types of a tripod head or tripod head. Aluminum tripod is much less expensive than carbon fiber tripod, but it is also about 30-40% heavier. Carbon fiber tripods are very light and very strong and stand up to a lot more. 

The actual tripod head consists of tight locking of the head, Pan adjustment, and lock. 

Why the tripod head breaks?


First of all, any low-quality tripod cannot escape from this situation. This is the worst nightmares for the people who ordered low-quality tripods. Expanding your budget won’t make a tripod better and flexible. You can also use a small phone tripod when we talk about flexibility. Unfortunately, they cannot hold big CAMERAs. 

So, when I first purchased the tripod, which was below $20, I thought everything will be perfect until I noticed some issues like a failure in holding the heavyweight cameras or mobiles. And yes, of course, my tripod because of the heavyweight I pushed on the tripod. I came to know what, but I still can’t figure out how to fix it. 

Generally, A rough handling can also damage any tripod part like leg, head, or joint. You have to be cautious when you are traveling with tripods. They are adjustable devices that need proper care from breaking. It’s a job to look after the gear and tools we carry. 

Any sudden moment, improper handling, heavyweights, heavy pressure can break the tripod. A rough surface, long time standby, the difference in balancing the tripod legs can also work against tripods, which caused damage to the product. 

So before packing your tripod while going outdoors, make sure you have a spare tripod head you can fix. To fix the tripod head, you know how to remove the broken tripod head.

How to fix a tripod ball head?

Before fixing a new tripod head on your tripod, you must know some important parts to understand the compatibility and to remove it appropriately. Almost any tripod body consists of two parts. 

The first part would be the top plate, lock knob, and the second part is tripod lower head, which includes center column and tripod legs, which are below the tripod head. To start with the removal process, make sure that the ‘locking knob is secure and tight’. 

And then if your tripod has center locking knob, adjust it properly. It gives the ability to remove the actual ball head. Now those two center and locking knobs are snugged, you can start removing the tripod head. Just grab the tripod ball head with one hand and hold the center column with the other hand. 

While removing the tripod head from high-end tripods, you must deal with carefully. And now, turn the tripod head counter-clockwise to release the air gap, and it will become handy to remove it altogether. 

And now, take a new tripod ball head or any other tripod head type. As you removed the tripod head just now, you can fix it in the same way in the opposite direction. That’s it, and you fixed a new tripod head on your tripod. Start exploring wonders with your creativity now. 

How not to break your tripod head?

Here are some precautions you may follow to avoid the tripod head loss! 

  • Always use weightless smartphones and cameras; hence, most of the tripod heads cannot bear the heavyweights.
  • Use a proper bag to pack your tripod. Unconditional and unexpected movements can hurt your tripod head.
  • Use a surface that won’t hurt your tripod center knob. If you cannot find the proper surface to place tripod legs, then you may adjust tripod legs to maintain the perfect center balance.
  • If it is a low budget tripod, then try to avoid continuous operations on pan and tilt movement. (Only a strong tripod can resist too many operations)
  • Always have a spare tripod head (ball or gimbal) to continue your work.

So these are small but effective things you can do to maximize your tripod head usability. Instead of playing with screws or replacing the tripod, try to get a new tripod head to avoid wastage. 

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