Affordable tabletop tripods for Microphones #1 is SURPRISING

Tabletop gadgets are one of the most loved ones because of their flexibility. If you need a table tripod that can withhold your audio recorder or mic the here are some of the best recommendations to take a look.

But before that, If you are looking for some ‘outdoor tripods for audio recorders,’ then I’ve written a post with the tripods I’ve used and recommended some. But in this article you will get some solid recommendations for the best tabletop tripods.

Why are Tabletop tripods Important?

Yupp. Why the hell do you need a tabletop tripod? 

Generally, photography involves tripods and monopods or related gadgets for stabilization. But for audio recording, you need a boom arm. Now Boom arms hold your microphone or audio recorders.

You can take them outside for audio recording attaching to your camera, or you can have them inside your home for re-recording. To hold a boom arm, you need a tripod. You can also use a regular tripod only if it supports minimal resize.

Best tabletop tripods for Microphones

If you have an idea about Gimbal, then you can see that Gimbal comes with a small tripod. Unlike a regular tripod, tabletop tripods are more compatible and smaller in sizes. That’s why you need a tabletop tripod. 

1 Gator Frameworks Mic Stand 

My favorite in the list and the one I’m using (now) is the Gator tabletop tripod. This tripod stand is a professional tripod that can hold even weighed microphones.

It also comes with the Boom arm to hold your microphone.

This tripod is short, but it comes with a compact base bottom. The maximum height you can expect is 23 inches.

The compact base is heft and provides balance and stability to the low profile drum and mic stand.

The single section Boom arm allows you to adjust the length and angle. Most of the microphones you use will have a smooth yet thick wire with it.

To make a clean look and to avoid cable mixup, you can take the help of this adjustable cable clip to keep your setup clean, organized, and safe. 

The base is made of cast iron. It features a rubber gasket on the bottom side. Even though it looks heavy, you won’t complain about the durability as well. The base is so strong that you can attach a condenser mic or shock mount as well.

The thing which surprises me is its flexibility. It stands stable even if you attach a heavy microphone (to some extent).

Most of the YouTubers and bloggers are using this tripod stand on their desktop. Now, choose a noise-free and air suspension mic to start your videos. 

Product NameGator Frameworks Mic stand
Item Weight7 pounds
Max Height 27 inches
Customers viewHighly Satisfied 

2 RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod

This one is crazy. I’m using this tripod as a tabletop tripod, and I’m using it in outdoor as well. The main thing I like about this tripod is its base.

The tripod’s base is hard and enough to handle moderate weights. This tabletop tripod is perfect for digital cameras, DSLR cameras, camcorders, spotting scopes, and many other devices equipped with standard 1/4 tripod mounts.

It has a full three-way pan/tilt head and quick release mounting plate that is an extendable center column to adjust heights of the tripod height.

The maximum height you can expect is 19 inches. It is strong, sturdy, and durable. Aluminum construction made this tripod more durable and 20mm legs to over-sized locks.

The package also includes a lightweight and portable carry bag to travel around.

Smooth and tilt motion allows easy positioning of your microphone. It’s lightweight and travel-friendly. It also has a quick release plate to allow instant mounting and removal of your microphone or a tripod.

The Panhead is removable, and you have to adjust the screw completely out to remove your boom arm. You must buy a new boom arm to attach your microphone. It doesn’t come with the boom arm extension.

Product NameRetiCAM Tabletop Tripod
Item Weight1.5 pounds
Max Height 19 inches
Customers viewSatisfied 

3 InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand

The InnoGear mic stand is made of solid construction and upgraded with a metallic base, which attached to 4 non-slip pieces of cotton, moving it without any noise and damage.

It has excellent support at the bottom side to out case the surface. The base diameter is bigger and is perfect for any microphone. The height of the stand is adjustable from 10.6 inches to 15.4 inches.

This is the perfect height for a mic like Blue Yeti and other top brands as well. This product comes with a high-quality metal with male and female screws for multi-purpose use.

You can easily take this to any public places, and if you are interviewing someone, then this would be a great fit. This would be the perfect stand for broadcasting, meeting, and singing as well. You may see most of the Youtubers share product reviews and comparison videos.

They use this simple microphone stand, as you can see in the picture. The base metal is made of Iron. It weighed from 1.5 to 2lbs in hand and didn’t feel heavy.

Product NameInnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand
Item Weight1.9 pounds
Max Height 15.4 inches
Customers viewSatisfied 

4 Samson MB1 Mini Boom Stand

This Samson MB1 mini stand is also an excellent choice for a microphone. It has an adjustable clip that lets you attach your mic so that you can easily record your voice.

Most of the street musicians use these kinds of tripod stands to record their vocals. It also comes with the boom arm, which is strong enough to hold heavy mic as well.

This mini-boom stand is ideal for miking drums, interviews, and other activities that involve instruments close to the floor.

Coming to finishing, this tripod stand comes with the double design and a polished finish with a sleek look for perfect grip at the bottom side.

Usually, this tripod stands come with the 16 inches as it supports the minimum height, but you can also use this up to 21 inches depending on your need.

The mic clip is pretty good, and it stands out well. The boom stand is also a good fit on this tripod stand. For tabletop mic stand, this might be a good fit.

Product NameSamson MB1 Mini Boom Stand
Item Weight5.9 pounds
Max Height 21 inches
Customers viewPretty Satisfied 

5 LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand

This adjustable mini tripod stand for the microphone is another thing that is perfect for any small and medium-sized microphones.

My friend has been using this tripod stand for the microphone, and he said that it is one of my best recommendations for him in the tabletop category. For home recording and Podcasts, this would be the better choice.

It is compatible and not expensive, though. You can get this for below $18 (Check current price on Amazon). The adjustable height is from 9 to 14 inches, and this is the shortest tripod stand for the microphone.

As you can see in the picture, you need a pop filter to make it more impressive. You can get 2 tripod mini stands for an extra $10 only.

It supports all the microphones that are not more than 6.5 pounds. The base is made up of Iron and small rubber feet. The pipe can thread perfectly.

My friend is using Shure 55sh microphone, which weighs 2 pounds, and he is happy with the capability of this tripod stand. This is a sturdy microphone stand, and you can use it for all desktop purposes.

Product NameLyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand
Item Weight2.82 pounds
Max Height 14 inches
Customers viewPretty Satisfied at the Price range

These are some of the greatest tabletop tripods for microphones and audio recorders. We researched all the tripods, and we tried the majority of them. After our opinions and durability test, we found all these are best at some point but hard to choose one.

But, for the conclusion, I would recommend these. Gator Frameworks Mic Stand and InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand are our top in all aspects.

But, LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand is a great choice in the low price range. Remember that you must have a boom arm to hold your mic if you are performing outdoor shooting. But for tabletop and desktop purposes like recording your voice for YouTube, games, and films, then you don’t need arm if you have these tripod stands, which supports your Microphone.

Q: Which of these tripod stands support Blue Yeti Microphone?

Ans: All tripods listed here support Blue Yeti and other famous microphones as well. All these tripod stands are for desktop purposes. Just be sure that your mic isn’t too heavy. It would break the stand. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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