Best tripod for Audio recorders – DURABLE and AFFORDABLE

Audio recording is an essential element for beautiful video output. Handheld audio recorders are always popular as they are efficient and convenient. Every photographer or videographer loves to travel with a video recorder or Mic. 

Even though handheld audio recorders are easy to travel, they are hard to balance. When we talk about long sessions, then the mic holder would sweat just by holding it long. A human cannot hold any audio recorder for too long. 

Now, forget about the outdoor shooting. When you are a YouTuber or blogger, you need to record some face cam videos to explain your views and share your opinions with your audience. You need an Audio recorder holder. Right? 

If you are looking for a budget tripod that covers every photographer need then you must check this article I’ve written in detail, How to choose the best tripod?

Here are some of the best Tripods for Audio recorders or microphones.  All these tripods are Portable.

Hercules MS532B EZ Tripod#1 ChoiceCheck Price on Amazon
Hercules MS300B LO-PROBest for DurabilityCheck Price on Amazon
Hola Music HPS-101KDBest in Budget Check Price on Amazon
AmazonBasics Tripod BoomBelow $20 Check Price on Amazon

1 Hercules MS532B EZ Tripod (#1 Choice)

Hercules is a famous brand as we all know. Hercules MS532B is a clutch tripod microphone stand with 44.1 to 66.1 inches. The Hercules base boom mic stand is a 2 in 1 boom clamp and the EZ clutch height adjustment for various heights. 

The 2-in-1 boom clamp with single knob adjustment safely secures the boom length and angle from dust and hard touch. It weighs around 5.72 pounds, and you can find complete product information from page Hercules MS532B listed on Amazon or from the below table. 

It’s just the right spot for most of the content creators. It has a metal clutch style adjustment, and it was using a rubber clutch stand from another brand. It comes with quick release and a smooth clamp that doesn’t get rust quickly. 

High quality plastic fabric finishing made this tripod more durable. I’ve been using 3 of them, and they are one of the best purchases I’ve made online. 

This tripod is best for keyboard players (YouTuber, online tutor), YouTubers, Audio re-recording studios.

Product NameHercules MS532B Ez Clutch Tripod
Weight5.72 pounds
Dimensions34.8 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches
Max. Height66.1 inch
Boom length30.7 inch

2 Hercules MS300B LO-PRO (Best Rugged & backline designed)

Another great tripod from Hercules is MS300B Lo-pro. Now don’t get confused by these names or else they will haunt you in dreams. It is made up of very strong material to survive in earthquakes. 

Jokes apart, this tripod is specially made for backline, tourists, and musicians as well. When you see a lot of people performing street music, use this tripod stand to hold their mic. 

It features the EZ mic clip for audio recorder, “EX height adjustment clamp, tilting base, tripod swivel legs”, and fold up compatibility as well.

You just have to press the lever to lower the height and also features an EX adapter for instant attachment. It works on 5/8 tubes and is rubber finished for a good grip. 

If you don’t have the adapter, then you can use it for some inches length for better ground recording. You can find a detailed explanation of features and FAQ from here

Note that; you won’t get any boom extension with this tripod stand. Instead, you have to add one boom extension to the cart. I personally like this SMB-02 Mini Boom Arm from Amazon which is cheap and best

Product NameHercules MS300B LO-PRO
Weight2.37 pounds
Dimensions3.9 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches
Max. Height50 inch

3 Hola! Music HPS-101KD (Budget choice)

The brand name that’s funny, yet the product is effective. The Hola Music HPS-101KD stand is a professional stand that most of the YouTubers and travelers use. And of course, a lot of content creators use this simple Tripod stand with BOOM arm.

Yes, for the budget range.

You will get the tripod stand and boom arm for audio recorders and Microphones. The Low profile stand was only $30 when I was writing, and the one hand clutch was somewhere between $40 to $45.

Coming to the specifications, the professional mic stand comes with a one-hand height clutch for height adjustment made easy with this tripod.

The euro-style metal telescopic boom arm can extend up to 27 inches, which is significant to hold a mic. You can also use this tripod stand even without the boom arm. The leg-locks are opened without a screw.

It recommends using a microphone clip holder for better durability. You don’t also need instructions to use this simple tripod stand. The one thing you have to remember is it can’t handle a snowball mic.

Product NameHola Music HPS-101KD
Weight6.65 pounds
Dimensions39.8 x 4 x 4 inches
Max. Height27 inch

Otherwise, for normal microphones like Blue yeti, it would be a good fit in the budget. In simple, the stand is a better option for home purposes (not like a Hercules MS300B for rough handling). The highlight point with the tripod stand is “it is most of the musicians (beginners) favorite choice.”

4 Amazon Basics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

One of the hottest and favorite microphone stands in the list is Amazon’s basic tripod and for the microphone. As Amazon is making its own products in the budget, this is the most sold tripod stand for microphones.

Perfect for recording studios, and large performance halls as Amazon claims. The stand’s boom connects securely to the top of the stand.

Even though the durability changed with this tripod, it might be a good option in the budget (read more). I ordered this tripod and when I was starting a YouTube Channel and this blog.

My first impression was very good as it fits at any place. You may expect some decent results in holding your simple microphone.

You can either use a boom stand or straight stand for microphones. It has a long boom with the moulded plastic material finish and counterweight.

It’s also exceptionally lightweight, which made it easy for transportation.

To be transperent, I won’t recommend this tripod stand for music and re-recording purposes. A lot of people complaining that the screw attached to the BOOM arm is not working correctly. Instead, you can try other recommendations.

Product NameAmazon Basic tripod Stand with boom arm
Weight3.31 pounds
Dimensions 22 x 19.3 x 86 inches

These are some of the best tripods stands you can try to hold your microphone or audio recorder. Personally, I’m not particularly eager to give more than enough recommendations. Rather than deciding, it will confuse you.

Hercules MS532B EZ Tripod#1 ChoiceCheck Price on Amazon
Hercules MS300B LO-PROBest for DurabilityCheck Price on Amazon
Hola Music HPS-101KDBest in Budget Check Price on Amazon
AmazonBasics Tripod BoomBelow $20 Check Price on Amazon

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