How much does a tripod cost? Do NOT buy without analysing

There are so many tripods out there to choose from. Some people need a decent tripod within the budget, and some people want professional premium tripod even though it is expensive. It’s everything about having all the features in the price range.

So how much does a tripod cost? Tripods can cost between $20 to $2000 depending on the features and looks. A moderately-designed tripod with good features and looks that can uphold some weight can cost between $80 to $300 for basic needs and $300 to $750 for vlogs and short films. 

As you can see, there is more available depending on your needs on budget and of course, based on the features and controls. Before buying a tripod, you must check some important aspects, and if you follow this tripod buying guide I’ve written before I made mistakes, you won’t make them too. 

To give you a real-life example, I’ve bought tripods in the price range between $20 to $300. When I was in college, I was curious to make short films and some nature videos. When I was looking for something which can hold my smartphone and camera while shooting, I found a ‘tripod.’ 

And when I got my first tripod from Amazon (which is $20+), I was so happy. What I found was interesting is that I cannot take the tripod for outdoors, and I cannot travel with it. The reason is ‘It is so delicate and could not withhold overweight.’

It was fine until I placed this camera, which is heavier. And of course, the best choice for every need. The tripod just popped, and I broke the tripod head. Of Course, I can change the tripod head, but I have to think again. The tripod legs are so weak that I decided to change the tripod itself. 

My experience with $150 tripod

I decided to change the $20 tripod, but my budget is too low. I decide to purchase the tripod head, and I used only a smartphone on that. Within a couple of months, my tripod legs got hurt, and now they cannot stand on a rough surface. 

So, I decided to upgrade my tripod. When I was searching, I found a decent tripod on Amazon (below $150), which is also a budget overhead shooting tripod. And the reviews are PERFECT. Of Course, I was new to Amazon, and I believed that everything is Genuine. Of Course they are (but not every review).

Later, I got the tripod, and I was so happy that I got a premium tripod in the budget of $150. Everything is fine, and the best thing is ‘It also supports overhead shooting. Some tripods are meant for overhead shooting (which is my favorite angle), but unfortunately, a $150 tripod cannot do that repeatedly when the DSLR on it.

The conclusion, You cannot expect an all in one tripod in $100. Unfortunately, I cannot go beyond $400 at the time. 

Again, the $400 tripod at My door

The best choice I made when I was looking for tripods is ‘Exceeding budget to get a perfect camera.’ But is that $400 worth camera perfect? 

I got Manfrotto 055 Carbon tripod from Amazon (below $400), and my first Impression was ‘PERFECT.’ I can say even today that for a medium level photographer and short filmmakers, this is the best choice. Of Course it lacks when you have heavyweight cameras (over 10lb). When you put this much weight on that, it bends little while picturing, and at any time, it may get that shape permanently.

This is by far the best tripod among the tripods, and I used it. All of my friends are also short filmmakers, and some have their own photo studio. By checking most of the tripods, I felt this tripod has better capacity and features.

At this price range, you can make a 1-hour short film without even feeling heavy. It has good balance, perfect locks, a good tripod head, and beautiful looks. I stopped looking for other tripods and stuck to this.

(You can also get the 3-section tripod for $350, or you can stick to this four-section tripod as well). 

Different types of tripods

Clear your confusion with the price range and decide where you are stuck at. If you have a low budget, mid-budget, or high budget to extend, you will get some amazing tripods. Alright, let’s take a quick look at tripods types and what advantages you will have. 

1 Low Budget tripods (below $150)

2 Medium Budget tripods ($200 to $400)

3 High Budget tripods (Top of the line) – $500

Low Budget tripods

The good thing with these tripods is they are cheap and reliable. Spending $150 for a tripod is useful if you are making casual videos. And Most of the still photographers use these tripods. Once you have a budget, you may try expensive tripods. But, for the people who are just starting, may find this is the best option. At this price range, we have some beautiful tripods you may choose. 

One thing which bothers me is ‘flexibility.’ It would be a little risky if you are using these tripods frequently while traveling. It is advisable to fold the tripod before carrying it. 

Medium budget tripods (the perfect choice)

Usually, for the best 4k quality videos, you need some high-end cameras and smartphones. Google Pixel and Apple phones are best by far for videos and professional photography. If you need a tripod that can resist water and dust up to some extent, you may try this budget range tripods. 

As a beginner, this is the best tripod budget range that satisfies you in every aspect. The better you can afford, the better you can get.

High-End Budget tripods (God level)

Any documentary maker or short filmmaker may try this tripod budget range. It is never late if you can afford this price range if you want a better tripod, which can hold any camera wait and smartphone. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, if you have the budget, then you must go for higher and budget tripods if you intend to make the high-quality professional videos with the DSLR or heavyweight cameras.

Apart from this, High end tripods have nothing more important features than the mid-range tripods except potentiality. If you are a photographer or videographer, you must know the difference between these tripods ranges. A lot of professional videographers like to choose the high-end budget tripod if they are a film at the wedding shoot. 

This is all about the average price of the tripod in the market. It is all up to you if you want to go with any kind of budget tripod. But if I am in your shoes, then I will definitely choose the mid-range tripods for overall experience and usage.

I will hardly recommend the high budget tripods unless you are a photographer who has a photo studio for wedding shoots. Otherwise, any low budget tripod below or mid-budget tripods from the range of $70 to $400 is completely fine. 

How much does a tripod cost? Do NOT buy without analysing

So how much does a tripod cost? Tripods can cost between $20 to $2000 depending on the features and looks. A moderately-designed tripod with good features and looks that can uphold some weight can cost between $80 to $300 for basic needs and $300 to $750 for vlogs and short films. 

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