Best Smallest DSLR tripod in the BUDGET

DSLR is the most beautiful thing we listen to in the photography world. But do you know you need a tripod to make your DSLR shots sharper? Unlike giant legs and heads, we picked two smallest DSLR tripods to take a look at Amazon.

Before making a purchase, make sure that you’ve gone through proper research and reviews. IFOOTAGE tabletop mini tripod is the best smallest DSLR tripod. You can take a look if you need it in the budget, but if you are looking for more flexibility and a lifetime, then you may take a look at SMALLRIG Tabletop Tripod.

Both the tripods have different construct quality and use. You can use any tripod available, but choosing the right tripod will be confusion because of multiple options. It’s true that when we have more than a thousand possibilities to make a purchase, then it would be the toughest job to choose one.

So, I’ve published a detailed article on how to choose the tripod

So here are the options you may try. 

Why you need a Small DSLR tripod?

DSLR is not cheap, and we know that. They are expensive, right? Then we should protect them with enough guards, and a table tripod can be one of them. When you are filming desk videos or if you are a YouTube to present yourself with a webcam, you can use this tripod on your desktop table to hold the DSLR.

Even if you are traveling with your DSLR, you need a stabilizer to keep the camera and videos stable, not shaky. If you have this, you can easily control your DSLR with one hand itself. 

What’s the budget you can spend to purchase a table tripod for DSLR?

It’s simple that, by spending $30 to $60, you can make your photography life even more beautiful. A small change in video quality speaks a thousand words than the weak one.

If you have a tight budget, you can also get one for $20, but make sure your DSLR is light-weighted. 

I spent over $1200 on a camera, but I didn’t think of purchasing a table tripod that can save me from embarrassing situations. I always used two hands to handle my camera, hanging it around my neck, but when I see people around me suing Gimbal, i thought to get one. But, it is used for filmy shots and cannot use to shoot my desktop holding it on my desktop itself.

1 iFOOTAGE Tabletop Tripod

iFOOTAGE Tabletop Tripod screenshot - Best Smallest DSLR tripod

iFootage tripod is a portable mini tripod used as a table tripod, which would be the best option for best and small DSLR tripods we have in the range. If I share my personal experience, this is the best handy table tripod I’ve ever used. It is very small and unique, with a design that impressed me a lot. This is the best deal you can make when you are looking for the best mini tripod as well. 

Unlike the big tripods, these small tripods have great flexibility and durability, as well. If you can spend $70, then this would be the best choice for you. But before making any decision, here are some basic features that this tripod has and why you can take a look as well. 

  • iFootage is an international famous company that makes tripods, monopods, cranes, stabilizers, and sliders. This tripod can take 17.6 lbs for DSLR cameras and video camcorders.
  • It has 1.27 lbs weight, which can be easily traveled anywhere without worrying about the backpack to pack it. You can even hold this tripod in your hand.
  • With 1/4′ -20 and 3/8′ -16, screws are included on the universal compatibility quick release plate that works well with digital cameras, monopod legs, smartphones, and projectors too.
  • Quick-lock and unlock modes easy tight his tripod, and you can easily operate this tripod with one hand. 
  • It holds the scope with ease, and design is perfect. It also comes with the carry bag for its durability, and the quality is also impressive. 
Dimensions5.9 x 3.5 x 3.5
Item weight1.46lbs
Max Height228mm (9 inch)
Min working height 154mm (6.1 inch)
Lock and UnlockSlide up and down
Maximum load8 KG (17.6 lbs)
Thread1/4-20 & 3/8″-16
Ball headRemovable
FootpadAnti-skid rubber

2 SMALLRIG Tabletop Tripod

Generally, I don’t think there is a best table tripod better than SMALLRIG tripod designed for this purpose. But here is a tripod you can consider for table tripod. Generally, a regular tripod will be a pain in hand to shoot ultimate down shots and tabletop shots; then, this would be a perfect choice.

This is by far the most favorite choice for most people, especially in the photography filed. This small table tripod is compatible with all DSLR cameras, GoPro, smartphones with ¼ inch universal screw to hold.  

The premium designed tripod legs made this more compatible and can withhold good wight upto some extent. No matter which DSLR you have in your office or home, you can easily fit that camera in this tripod. 

You can hold this camera in one hand, and you won’t feel the weight too. Specially designed for flexible and compatibility, this can make your videos better. 

  • This tripod built with aluminum Alloy Material. The alloy is made by mixing aluminum and other elements together. SMALLRIG is made up of premium aluminum, which makes it more durable and not easily breakable.
  • 360° Ball Head: It may differ in various ball head types, but most of the tripod ball heads have the same controls like ball lock and drag control knob, the base pan, clamp pan, and clamp removal lock knobs. 
  • This tripod has anti-skid footpads, which strengthens the grip on any surface. It would be made up of thickness, scratch resistance, and beautiful design. It keeps the tripod perfect when stabilizing on rough surfaces. It comes with a red footpad, which gives an aesthetic look.
  • The quick-release plate is my favorite thing in tripods because it gives freedom of moving tripod anywhere. It features a QR plate with Arca standard and 1/4″ screw to achieve quick loading and releasing.
  • The mini tripod weighs only 405g, which can be carried anywhere and anytime. Even you can hold this tripod in your hand while traveling. 
  • The ball head is also made with premium aluminum alloy, which can grip the head and can bear the movement. 
Dimensions9.1 x 3.1 x 2.4
Item weight405g
Max Height230mm (0.89 pound)
Min working height 110mm
QR baseNon removable
Maximum load5 KG
Ball headRemovable
FootpadAnti-skid rubber

3 Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod screenshot - Best Smallest DSLR tripod

Pixi designed this tripod with cool designing and strong foot material. It can adjust anywhere. This is the best mini tripod around $20 if you are looking for a decent tripod that can hold your average weighted DSLR cameras. 

When you try to add the heavyweight camera, the ball head starts to slip, and it may break the tripod stand. 

  • The extreme lightweight and portable style make it more beautiful as well. This tripod is a flexible, creative, and compact, perfect for sports and travel photographers. 
  • Compatible with all major mobiles and DSLR cameras as well.
  • This is the smallest tripod in the list with 4 x 4 x 8.5-inch dimensions. 
  • The tripod grip is so smooth and easy, which is helpful while shooting running videos. It’s functionality now goes even further, adding lightweight with 0.42 lbs. 
  • You will also get a universal clamp’s double attachment with this tripod.  

Remember, when you are hooking up with the best tabletop tripods for DSLR, and then you should compare these three. These three are the best tripods we have now, and without confusing you by adding more items, you can pick any tripod according to your budget. 

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