7 Best Tripod Extension Arms for Overhead Shots

You must need a tripod extension arm to shoot overhead shots in case if you already have a tripod or monopod. A lot of people don’t like to buy a new tripod just for shooting straight down. Instead, they can use these tripod extension arms. Here are some best tripod extension arms for overhead shots.

1 Fotoconic Horizontal Tripod Arm
2 Manfrotto 196B-2 143BKT 2-Section Arm
3 Sirui HA-77 Horizontal Arm
4 TARION Tripod Extension Arm
5 Glide Gear OH 50 Extension Arm Stand
6 ALZO extension arm
7 Neewer Tripod Boom Arm

If you haven’t got a tripod yet, or If you have a very basic tripod then I would suggest you go for some of the inexpensive best tripods for shooting straight down that I have mentioned earlier on a blog post. 

If you already have a good tripod that supports heavy cameras too, it would be better to go with the tripod extension arms.

Best tripod extension arms for Over headshots

I was so confused while choosing the tripod but to save the budget, I got a basic tripod at the beginning of this year. But then I decided to choose another tripod. 

The only mistake that I made while choosing the tripod is not considering the overhead photography support. I was a food blogger and YouTuber. One of my friends forced me to buy a tripod extension. It went smoothly once I attached the tripod extension arm to the tripod. 

1 Fotoconic Horizontal Tripod Arm (My #1 Pick)

Fotoconic tripod arm With the maximum positive reviews, this is one of the best tripod extension arms you can get from Amazon.

This arm is basically connected to a 3/8 thread and mounting heads. The swivel joint allows positioning at almost any angle. Products from Fotoconic are premium in quality and good at prices.

The cross arm is a kind of double pan-tilt head that can be installed in four different directions. You can also install the light and can attach one more camera at the same time. 

Made with the aluminum alloy tube type, the maximum length is 23.62 inches. To shoot overhead shots, this can be one of the affordable tripods. 


The price fo the tripod arm varies from $60 to $80. Currently, Amazon is giving 6% off on this tripod arm. Compared to other tripod boom arms, design and durability are two major advantages you can get. If your tripod can withhold the weight, it is one of the best choices right now. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

2 Manfrotto 196B-2 143BKT 2-Section Single Articulated Arm

Manfrotto, one of the best brands for tripods and accessories has this 2 section extension arm. This is one of the best overhead extension arms for food videos and unboxing videos. 

You don’t have to fear about the legs of the tripod in the frame. Attach this extension arm to the tripod and start shooting over headshots on your table or anywhere.

Usually, you will get a single-pole extension arm but Manfroto made it easy for everyone. These two sections feature is literally excellent for all types of shooting conditions. This tripod extension arm can be connected to any tripod and I have been using for my Manfrotto tripod.

Each section is separately locked and the length is 23.6 inch which is pretty decent at this price. The camera bracket can be removable and the 2 sections have 5/8 inch threads. The bottom attachment of the tripod extension arm with 5/8 and 1/4 universal thread.


If correctly used, you can use this tripod extension arm as an audio recorder holder too. So the price of this extension arm is around $50. Compared to the price, this boom arm can be a good fit. Click here to check the current price on Amazon. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

3 Sirui HA-77 Horizontal Arm

Sirui is one of the hot-selling tripod and monopod accessories brands right now. As a photographer, I would love to choose this over a monopod because I have a tripod already.

I just need a boom arm that can match my skills and develop my photography career. I love to take macro shots, straight down shots, and tilt shots.

A boom is something that every vlogger and photographer needs. This boom arm extension from Sirui is 77 inches and is very flexible

With 360° rotation and 90° tilt to all sides, any position can be turnable. This handy boom extension arm grip is too good. The foam rubber’s quality is top-notch and you just feel you are dealing with a premium extension arm. 

I have good gear for photography (You can check the products I use for my photography) and I got this boom arm last week. Here is a review of a user.


The price of this extension arm is costlier than normal extensions, if you have a premium tripod, you must need an extension arm with the premium quality.

Even though the price fluctuates, I get this when there is a good discount going on. Click here to check the current price of this tripod extension arm on Amazon.

4 TARION Tripod Extension Arm

First things first, You will get a free counterweight sandbag with this tripod extension arm. This beautiful Tripod extension arm from TARION is a good option if you want to use it for the TARION tripod or any regular tripod.

For premium heavy tripods, this might not be a great option. But for regular tripods, this is a good fit in the budget. For overhead shots, you can balance the arm with the sandbag.

Otherwise, you have to use your own bags as a counterweight at the end of this tripod extension arm. You can attach any DSLR or smartphone to this extension arm. The 12.6-inch long center column will be used as an extra center column on the tripod center column. This will increase the height of the tripod a little bit. 


The price is reasonable at online stores. If you can get the same one from offline there would be a $2 to $3 difference. Anytime you can check the current price of this extension arm on Amazon. It is a decent tripod extension arm with a premium hand grip and center column that is adding a sandbag to the cart. The similar arm from bhphotovideo listed $97.

5 Glide Gear OH 50 Extension Arm Stand

You need a special arm extension for beautiful camera moments even if you are filming overhead shots. Glide gear OH 50 is a tripod extension with a ball head that suits well for Profesional photographers and videographers.

Especially for food-related videos and unboxing, this extensions helps a lot. The construction of this tripod is premium with the aluminum material and 1/3 20 and 3/8 inch threads.

You will get the ball head and phone holder in the box. You need to get a counterweight to balance this glide gear. 



You can get this arm extension from any local photo and video store. If you want to get it online, the prices are decent compared to offline stores. For less than $70, you can get this arm extension online. Click here to check the price and details of this arm extension from Amazon.

6 ALZO extension arm

For nonprofessional photographers and beginners, here is the quick arm extension that I would suggest to get it from Amazon. This simple arm extension from Alzo is a good add-on for your photography world. 

This 33 inches long solid arm extension with 5/8 inch diameter arm made with the premium aluminum material with the mounting screw and a tripod clamp. You can easily use it for any basic tripod as well. 

The Rod includes a grooved end to allow hanging a counterweight or sandbox. You can use an average weighted camera with not more than 2 pounds without the counterweight and 8-pound limit with the counterweight. 


The price varies from $45 to $60 on any online store. If it’s under $50, it’s a pretty good deal. You do not need any skills to mount this extension arm on the tripod. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

7 Neewer Tripod Boom Arm

This tripod extension arm from the Neewer is very little in the size. If you feel discomfort with the super height tripod extension arm, here is the quick deal for you. This tiny tripod extension comes with all premium features but has only a 32cm shooting length.

It can carry up to 5 KG load of the camera and has a 25mm tube diameter. It is compatible with any small and medium tripods as well. This universal extension arm is pretty decent at the price and has a knob locking system.

With super easy to operate and attach, most of the bloggers love to choose this. There would be some situations where you cannot use the long extension arms, Neewer extension can fill the gap. You can get this tripod on Amazon at a very low price. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Which is the best tripod extension arm for Overhead shots overall?

As I picked already, Fotoconic tripod arm extension has great features compared to all other competitors. The first thing that impressed me is the quality. The build quality of this tripod extension arm is like a premium tripod.

However, the price of this extension is very reasonable. With the budget under $60, this is the best extension arm for all types of cameras and tripods. You need a perfect setup for the best overhead photography. I love to use this arm extension for three reasons; Price, quality, and brand. 

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