6 Best tripods for hiking (Light Weight & REVIEWED)

Backpacking, hiking, traveling are the best things in this world to explore. But before that, make sure that you have everything that adds more beauty to your travel experience.

While before planning a trip to Saint Petersburg, I made a checklist not to forget. And guess what the first thing I have written in my list is? It is a lightweight, tripod for hiking. I love memories, and that’s the reason why I have two cameras and one big smartphone that surprise photography.

A lot of people like me are figuring to take the best tripod, which is a decent tripod for hiking with great sustainability in the budget. Here are some of the coolest tripods recommended by travel friends and, which I have tried before.

1 MACTREM CT62 Tripod (#Super Lightweight)

Mactrem is giving a wide range of professional camera tripods that are lightweight and travel-friendly. Mactrem CT62 tripod is available in 4 different colors. Blue, Orange, Black, and AT62 black. All these are lightweight and weigh not more than 2.9 lbs.

MACTREM CT62 Tripod screenshot 1 - lightweight tripod for backpacking

This professional camera tripod with a high-quality ball head that needs no replacement. My brother has been using this tripod, and he is extremely happy with this tripod head. It would be a pain in the toe to replace a new tripod head for beginners.

MACTREM CT62 Tripod screenshot - lightweight tripod for backpacking

But I made this easy for you. I’ve written a simple beginner-friendly article on how to fix a tripod head yourself without damaging the tripod body. Even though this tripod is lightweight, it is sturdy and treats for travel. It has an excellent load capacity level to hold 33 pounds weighted camera.

  • The best thing is you can make this tripod into monopod or alpenstock, which is a beautiful feature one can expect in traveling tripods.
  • The 360-degree horizontal panorama and macro photography made this tripod even more beautiful. But for my impressions, I would like to give 4 out of 5 stars to this tripod in any category.
  • It gives you a 21.5-inch height to 64-inch expandability. For high level and low-level shots, these are perfect for taking a look. As the budget is below $70 on Amazon, you cannot expect a better finishing.

The finishing is good but not up to the mark. They could have made it more rugged in the base. Hiking tripods need rustic finishing on tripod legs. The manufacturer is preparing a USP that sells this tripod, and it is 4 in 1 usage. Monopod/tripod/Selfie stick and Hiking stick.

2 ZoMei Q555 Camera Tripod

Zomei is never taking a step behind in producing some quality tripods. Although the cost is moderate, the durability and performance will make you feel awesome. I have been using Zomei’s products, and I love them.

When talking about the details, this tripod is a lightweight tripod for hiking or trekking. Aluminum alloy is making this tripod even more robust, and you will love the touch. With only 2.9lbs, you can carry this tripod anywhere in the world just by folding it in your backpack.

It is also the right choice for travel and camping purposes as it fits in even a small backpack. The 360 ball head is an essential feature in any tripod that Zomei is producing. With the universal ball head design, it has 3 lock knobs and 360-degree panoramic panning for landscape photography as well.

The 4 section legs will also let you to shoot the top head videos. Those tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees, giving it a compact size of 17.5 inches. The quick-release mounting plate enables you to attach and detach your camera or smartphone within seconds.

This tripod can hold upto 19.8 pounds either it is a camcorder or smartphone. Nothing to worry with the weight that is less than 19 pounds.

The center column is the most appreciated and the most necessary element in a tripod. For low angle shots, it’s a piece of cake to invert the center column and put your recording device below the tripod. You can find all dimensions and product ASIN details from it’s listed page on Amazon

3 K&F Concept 62 Lightweight and Compact Tripod

Another tremendous and powered brand K&F concept TM2324 tripod is perfect for DSLR and smartphones. The tripod combines practical and portability for a better traveling experience.

You can also hold your backpack to the tripod as shown in the picture.

However, you can give the load of 22 lbs on this tripod. It contains a metal bottom that is 1.1 ball head for better stability. The metal construction is something we should lookup to. The carry case you will get along with the tripod is durable and compatible to take it anywhere.

  • Just like other all tripods in this price range, you will get a 360 ball head type that helps to improve camera activity range when panoramic shooting does.
  • The quick-flip leg lock pulls the bottom tube lock to achieve a rapid release lock, and the quality is stunning.
  • It meets the needs of outdoor photography, which is making it one of the hottest tripods available on Amazon.

Initially, I was using another tripod outdoor until my friend presented me with this. Several photography bloggers are recommending this tripod as well. At only $80, this is quite impressive.

The quality of every tripod from the K&F concept is merely killing. They finish off a great tripod with beautiful material at the bottom side. The one-hand mode made simple with this tripod. It’s effortless to use and carry.

The spring self-locking tube angle adjustment knob is a push button that needed to press. The ball head is 28mm (that’s pretty solid). It’s essential to buy a tripod mount ring additionally for better balance when you are using the telephoto zoom lens.

4 ZOMEI Z699C Carbon tripod

Zomei is one of my all-time favorite brands. They produce quality tripods in the budget that any traveler can afford. Zomei’s Z699C is one of my personal favorites to have it in my room. It is simple, inexpensive, and cool.

ZOMEI Z699C Carbon tripod screenshot - Best lightweight tripod for backpacking

This dual-use tripod supports a monopod also just by removing tripod legs. The good thing about this tripod is its durability but the only disappointment is the price. I could have got this tripod below $95 to $100.

But $120 is something extra that I doubt. But as it is a product from ZOMEI, I decided to give it a try. When my brother is filming some videos for his project, I ordered this tripod from Amazon.

  • Coming to the specifications, It is a compact tripod for traveling with the height range from 13.8 inches to 60 inches. It is portable and compact once folded in the size. Even though it is lightweight it is sturdy and the tripod legs are strong.
  • This is the giant tripod in the case of holding the heavyweight. You can place a 33LB wight on this tripod without any hesitation.
  • It will hold all your DLSR gears and lens carefully. The tripod is made with Carbon fiber that won’t get hot or cold easily as it is temperature resistant. You are free to shoot videos even in high temperatures.

A lot of people asking me to suggest the best tripod for outdoor photography in hot areas, for those I would suggest this tripod. You will get a carbon fiber tripod, carry bag, manual, Allen key and screw in the package.

5 Geekoto AT24 Traveller tripod

Geekoto is another famous brand for tripods and monopods. After Manfrotto, I like Geekoto. This Geekoto ultra-compact lightweight tripod from Amazon is one of the easiest and affordable options for climbing.

Geekoto AT24 Traveller tripod screenshot - Best lightweight tripod for backpacking

When you have a heavy tripod, it will get exhausted. Yes, you read that right!

The price range is cool and it can be the best choice in a medium budget. coming to the specifications, the weight of the tripod is only 2.8 lbs but it can stick with every camera or camcorder we have right now.

  • The tripod legs can be adjusted in three levels of opening angle to stabilize on the varting ground and incline levels. When I’m on low-level grounds then this feature best suits me.
  • It has 4-section column legs and 2-section Central with quick-release leg locks which is my favorite thing about any tripod. I mean, just look at those leg locks. you can adjust the tripod height from 15 to 55 inches within few seconds using these quick release plates or quick release locks you can say.

I was wondering if is there any chance to get a warranty just because of the prices below the medium range. And Boom, it is providing the warranty. This is the best height for any kind of outdoor photography.

As an enthusiastic traveler, I must say that this tripod will make me more comfortable when I am traveling with backpacks and carry bags. the clean material is made up of an aluminum alloy which is one of the strongest materials for finishing.

6 Regetek RG264 Camera Tripod Travel Monopod

Regetek is also one of the leading tripod providers globally. When I first listen to this from my friend, I thought not to go with it. But the price tempted me. You can get this tripod at a low price with better performance compared to the regular tripods.

GEEKOTO AT24 Traveller tripod screenshot - Best lightweight tripod for backpacking

It is a 70-inch tripod. This thing surprised me because I like large tripods in the budget. Thanks to my friend for suggesting this tripod. When I was filming documentary type videos, this tripod helped me a lot.

Like most of the tripods, monopods is an additional beauty to this. The adjustable center column will take you to 70 inches from 21 inches. The 5 section monopod is from 18 to 65 inches long.

  • The quick-release plate with a standard screw mount is compatible with all DSLRs, digital cameras, mirrorless cameras, lenses, camcorders, and more.
  • The telescopic panhandle is conveniently carrying large weights too. The flip-locks for leg height adjustment knobs are screw friendly and smooth.
  • The center column hook for hanging mats, the center column is designed for hanging additional accessories like a bag and camera bag.

The best thing I love about this tripod is the company is giving quick release plate has lifetime replace replacement. You will get one tripod and carry bag, tripod adapter for the phone as well. It weighs only 3.63 pounds.

Hiking is an emotion that needs to be learned. Start small and choose the right path for making your trip more awesome. If you are a beginner, you need to maintain your blood levels and fitness levels. Before starting any trip, do not forget to take a health checkup.

Some Hiking tips

I consider myself a skilled backpacker. Because no one recognizes me, that’s not only the reason, last summer I spent a lot of time just to learn some tips from holding a t-shirt to carrying a heavy tripod myself just under the bag.

The trip was just 20 miles away from my home, but it was a great lesson for me when I was starting. So here are some of the working hiking tips that you can add to your checklist. Backpacking is the first thing before starting your ADVENTURE.

1 Look for the best drinking source: This is the very lame tip one can suggest. You don’t need someone to remind you about drinking water, but it is important to maintain your body. To escape from dehydration, you should carry your water bottle, but here is the tip. Take 2 liters of water bottle with you and also one empty water bottle. I am sure it will help you more than you think.

2 You can carry an ultra-light pillow: If you are exploring in the hills are mountains, then you should take rest. Especially in the summer season, you have to take rest whenever you can. Carry an ultralight pillow that can fit into the backpack to take some flower names in between the joy. I got this from Amazon (light-weight, smaller and lighter than a soda can, 100g)

3 Multi-use tools – All in one tool are multi-use tools are the best choice you can make while you are traveling. To minimize accessories in your backpack, you have to carry a multi-use tool like multi-use Vaseline, multi-use screwdriver kit, etc.

4 Choose the best backpack: Now, this is the perfect tip. You may know it, but here is my suggestion. Choose a backpack that can hold tripod easily (from Amazon) or choose a tripod bag that is foldable in the size of a power bank. I got this tripod bag from Amazon for all tripod types.

5 Try to add more hands-on a trip: You may like traveling alone. But having friends or family members on your trip can save your time and energy.

What is the lightest tripod for Hiking?

Geekoto AT24 is the lightest tripod from the list. It weighs only 2.8 lbs. Geekoto AT24 tripod also comes in the budget to save your expenses overall. I liked the design and you may like the durability.

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