ZOMEI 75′ Camera Tripod Review – A 360 degree KILLER Tripod?

Tripods are an amazing way to stabilize your images and videos with more professionalism. You may come up with a lot of tripods recommendations, but today we are going to discuss about the best selling tripod from Amazon. Is ZOMEI Camera Tripod worth it? Let’s read ZOMEI Camera Tripod Review here.

Every photographer and documentary or short filmmaker need this device. This tripod will help you to shoot a professional video. What will you see in the requirements of a Tripod? It may be the weight it can handle, or it may be the fabric material the tripod is made of.

You may see a lot of different tripods in this category, but only some can reach the value of your expectations. This ZOMEI camera tripod is one of them. Right now we think that a lot of people are searching for this tripod and why don’t we make a review?

As this is the hot-selling tripod right now and we have been using this tripod from past days. We have positive and negative points to share with you about this 360 degrees tripod.

ZOMEI 75′ Camera Tripod Review – Is the best Overhead shooting tripod?

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If you don’t know what is overhead shooting for shooting straight down, then you can refer to this article. Let me tell you in summary; a tripod which is capable of shooting completely down can be called an overhead shooting tripod. You may see some games like table tennis or carroms where people should complete downloads using this tripod.

Right now, people think that this is the best overhead shooting tripod in the budget. You have to spend some money if you want to get a quality tripod with fabric material used for its construction.

You need to look after it’s weight, the capability of holding the camera and heavy mobiles, legs, material used for the construction, tilt and PAN facility, User experience and ease of handling.

You have to remember these things when you are going to purchase a tripod. You may think that you can get a tripod for even $20. But remember one thing, you have to replace that prepared for every three months because those tripods failed to last a long time.

ZOMEI Camera Tripod comes with almost 76 inches height and 4 section tripod legs. The fourth section will be useful for overhead shooting.

It has 360 Degree Ball Head Plate which will be the best for DSLR cameras especially.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot use mobiles for this tripod. You can also use mobiles, and it will look professional when you use DSLR cameras.

The best thing about this tripod is it can handle up to 17.6lbs But it weights 4lbs closely. You can notice the strength of the tripod head.

The tripod is completely foldable and easily transportable that means you can carry this tripod anywhere without any damage.

When you fold this tripod, it will be a handful, and you don’t have to care a damn about the transportation. This may be the ideal travel tripod to use for iPhone, DSLR, and Smartphones also.

  • The 360 degree ball-head plate
  • Best choice for DSLR Cameras
  • The Fourth section is really strong made with high-end material
  • 75.6 inch is the KILLING point of this hot selling Tripod.
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Legs can be adjustable to 25, 50, and 80 degree angles.
  • Could have been designed well
  • Heavy Weight
  • Shorter 4th Section length
  • Packing (For me, I expect little secured packing)

You have to purchase the smartphone holder separately to use it for smartphones. By default, you can use it for DSLR cameras. The company assured that you could get a one year warranty from the company itself. Still, if you have any questions, you can reach them through email.


As we know and as we are experiencing, this might be the best budget tripod for overhead shooting and travel for a purpose.

Perhaps, every industry is becoming competitive, and a lot of companies are making the investment to make more products with less price to top notch the reputation level of the company.

So you make expect a few more tripods better than this tripod from the same company or other companies also. One bottom line we can say that is,

You can surely try this tripod for an excellent experience.

ZOMEI 75' Camera Tripod Review - A 360 degree KILLER Tripod?

It has 360 Degree Ball Head Plate which will be the best for DSLR cameras especially. 75.6 inch is the KILLING point of this hot selling Tripod, Legs can be adjustable to 25, 50, and 80 degree angles are My top points. At downside, Tripod is heavy and should look more premium in this price range.

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