Yotilon 360° Travel Tripod REVIEW – A Killer in $80?

Tripods are time savers.

Isn’t it?

Yupp, there was a time when I struggled to shoot videos without shaking. But, the smart world and gadgets cleared the way of perception I have on this world. I got to know about tripods just a few years ago. 

We need a tripod that works at best, but it should be in BUDGET. So, here I’m going to review a tripod which is below $80. To save your pocket and time, let’s read this Yotilon 360° Professional Travel Camera Tripod REVIEW.

Yotilon has its trademark in various products like tripods, monopods, phone holders, and even dog leashes.

They are into the industry of something which stables things and pets…

Isn’t it cool?

So let’s take a quick summary of Yotilon 360° Professional Travel Tripod and why it is worth to spend your money.

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Yotilon 360° Travel Tripod Overview

Yotilon 360° Professional Travel Camera Tripod REVIEW - brand screenshot

Yotilon tripod with 360-degree rotation is made up of the aluminum material, and it can be turned to a Monopod. As we know Yotilon brand has some good investment in the industry, and it has been focusing on tripods and monopods.

Most of the tripod companies are making their business in the camera and lens industry, but Yotilon is stick with the tripods.

A drone cannot complete the work of a tripod because the tripod is a non-rechargeable product that can be taken anywhere. Of course, you can make DIY tripods, but in the result, you need an ACTUAL tripod to fulfill your wishes. 

A professional tripod has its own segment in holding the camera and Smartphones. In fact, spending $80 for a budget tripod is not at all a big deal if you need more stabilization. 

In fact, I like this tripod ball head. It is smooth and durable. You can also quickly fix this tripod head yourself. Here I’ve explained how to fix a tripod head.

Some Yotilon 360° Travel Tripod features are, 

Here are some of the features that led me to buy this tripod from Amazon.

  • 360°Horizontal Rotation And Ball Head: Most of the tripods have 360-degree support, and that’s not a big deal, but when we talk about features, we should know them. Macro shooting made it easy for this feature to shoot panorama shots. This will help when you are filming documentary videos. 
  • The built-in bubble indicator can navigate you for quick and easy setup of tripod adjustment. 
  • Lightweight & Compactable height: The tripod weighs only 3.4lbs (1.6Kg). The height can be adjusted from 21 inches to 62 inches. ‘62 inches’ is a good number to consider btw. Of course, you can carry the tripod anywhere when it is folded. The folded height of this travel tripod is 17 inches (Almost 1 ½ foot). This is tiny enough to adjust in any backpack or travel bag. 
  • Loading capacity: it can handle up to 10kg or 18lbs, which is more than enough to place any DSLR camera, camcorders, and webcams. 
  • Quick Release Plate: The quick-release plate with 1/4 screw allow you to work with all DSLR cameras and camcorders, making you attach and detach your camera within time. 

You can also make it as a tripod with one center leg.

It gives 12 months worry-free warranty, and if you have any problems when using, you can urge for replacement within the return period.

Why is YoTilon Camera Tripod different than the competitors?

Yotilon 360° Professional Travel Camera Tripod REVIEW - overview

It is different in the price range.

You can get it for $80. That’s the cool stuff with this tripod and let me clear you that, this is one of the best tripods for overhead shooting.

It is really a great move from YoTilon to bring the tripod in the budget range. 

For whom this is the best choice?

Travel vloggers, short filmmakers, documentary directors, still photographers, podcast creators, YouTubers who need a budget tripod below $100 may try this tripod.

Here are the pros and cons I noticed after using it for several weeks. I hope you like it and will come to the conclusion.

Pros and Cons

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Excellent Quality built
  • Familiar with any smartphone and camera
  • Light-Weight
  • Not very tall (It drags up to 5.3 f)
  • Unable to move feet of the legs

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