Best tripod for ARTISTS: A Detailed Guide with Pricing

A tripod stand or easel stand is definitely the most important thing for painters. Some great tools will provide some great results. Easel stands easy to get anywhere and they aren’t expensive. Here are six best tripod stands for artists and drawing students.

1 Arteza wooden easel stand (Overall champion)
2 Artist Quality French Easel, Hardwood (special canvas edition)
3 T-SIGN Wood Painting Easel Stand (Premium quality)
4 T-SIGN 66 Inches Reinforced easel stand (Best in the budget)
5 T-Sign-Easel 66B (inexpensive)
6 T-SIGN 72 Inches Easel Tripod
(1+1 combo)

Keeping the price, features, and sturdiness I decided to recommend these tripod stands and in the end, I also suggested which tripod stand is best for the beginner, intermediate, and expert artists. Instead of biting your nails before buying any tripod stand, read the specifications of all these stands and you can decide one in the conclusion. 

Some of these tripods are around me and others are from my friends’ suggestions who are using for more than six months. I hope this may clear your doubts. Unlike normal tripods, you have to place this easel stand at a fixed place. Looks, and sturdiness matters even when you use heavy canvas.

1 Arteza Wooden Easel Stand (MY #1 PICK)

This Arteza wooden easel stand fits perfectly for the artists and I love the design of this tripod. Unlike a basic tripod, this has good support over the painting board and you will love it. This 78.3-inch tripod has an adjustable canvas holder for sit & stand painting position. 

Now, before thinking of getting it as soon as you can, here is more information that you may need to know. Knowing a lot of details for a simple easel stand might not be necessary but a dollar that is saved is a dollar earned. The simple study construction makes this tripod and more simple. 


Coming to the construction, each leg and portable stand is made with the strong and lightweight beechwood and steel fittings. Beechwood is the wood from any of ten species of beech trees. Beachwood also makes excellent firewood, that has the burning specialty. Once it lightens up, it can last for many hours brightly. 

This portable easel stand can be placed anywhere and can be easily adjusted in the tripod bags as well. For painters, they like to start painting in a beautiful environment. Artists can go beyond imagination for the best results. Get this tripod from Amazon and take anywhere you like to. 

Only the wrong shipment may break the tripod legs and wood, otherwise, it comes in a good condition. The height was so comfortable for the teenagers and adults too. For the price, it is just so good.

The wood quality is also good and can be a great deal. However, some users noticed friction when setting on the landscape. The grip may not be so good in this case. You can check and return it as only a few users complained. (Click here to check the current PRICE on Amazon)

2 Artist Quality French Easel Stand

If you are looking for a perfect set of the easel stand that an artist needs here is the thing. You will get a complete set of the canvas stand that has a gift package. Again, it’s a wood type looking tripod stand crafted using the real dovetail. For those who don’t know what is the Dovetail, it is a technique of joining sides. The lightweight tripod stand is pretty beautiful.

You can see the picture of the tripod stand and what you can get. This is also an adjustable tripod as everyone knows. The deal-breaker that tempted me is a COMPLETE SET.

You can use it indoor and outdoor without depending on tables and other stands just to keep your brushes and stuff. This portable stand has a drawer to store art supplies which is a good point at this price.


The price of the tripod seems to be a good deal. The price range may be different when you are on the page. But as of now, it is still under $150 which is a good deal. You will get a complete gift package of the tripod stand. If you want to give a stand for your artistic friend, this might be the best option. However, you can check the current price on Amazon by clicking here.

3 T-SIGN Wood Painting Easel Stand

T-sign is so good at easel stands and here is an example of it. This 75.5-inch height tripod stand is good for artists and kids. The minimum height of the tripod is 36.5 inches. You can fold this tripod and can take anywhere you would love to. Do you think this tripod stand can fit inside your backpack? Yes, It is.

The easy folding mechanism makes this tripod one of the best affordable and easy carrying tripods. Made easy for transport and built strong. The leather handle may look soft but built strong and easy to carry. 

Remove the canvas from the stand and hold it on the backside or place it anywhere in your car. This makes the tripod stand shorter that can fit inside a regular backpack. You can even get a tripod bag Amazon. I never wanted to buy a tripod bag until I found this beautiful and inexpensive tripod bag (39 inches) on Amazon. The design and flexibility are so soft and good.

Beechwood is used in the material with high-quality hardware fitting. Polishes are not harmful keeping kids safety in mind which is a good thing I must say. It can hold up to the 2” depth canvas. You just need to screw the rack into the place. (Check the current price on AMAZON)

4 T-SIGN 66 Inches Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

T sign is just killing the easel stand world in the budget. This 66 inches tripod is relatively cheap compared to the two mentioned above. The minimum height of this tripod is 21 inches which are smaller than 2 feet and can be carried anywhere. It includes a bag which is a good thing.

The most important thing that you have to know is the other two tripods on the list come in the wood material and color finishing but this is a complete aluminum metal tripod. In case, if you want to try something out than the regular wooden stands, this is a quite good option.

The aluminum metal tripod looks just like a normal tripod. If you are a tripod lover like me, you would definitely love the price and finishing. 


Generally, the price varies from time to time. The price of the product online or offline would vary from $30 to $40 but right now it is at the lowest possible price according to my knowledge. So I would recommend checking the current price on Amazon and if the price is under $40, then it’s a beautiful deal and do not miss it. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

5 T-Sign-Easel 66B

I’m just tired of mentioning the T-Sign brand in this category. Like Monfortto in sturdy and strong tripods, T-sign is a noted brand in easel budget stands. This compact and portable tripod is completely different in looks compared to the others in the list and the black finishing on the legs and entire stand is gorgeous.

The minimum height you can adjust this easel stand is up to 21 inches which makes it more convenient to carry anywhere. It can hold the 25 lbs canvas and is pretty good for beginners. coming to the size, I would say it supports just a basic canvas holder.

If you are just starting with a small canvas, you can try this. And like other stands, the legs are easily adjustable and can be placed on any surface. You will get a decent bag to keep this tripod stand. This ultra-lightweight tripod impressed me but coming to the downside, you have to scarify something like a big canvas and accessories holder. 


If you are already using a heavy easel stand and want to switch for the heavy one, this cannot be a choice. The complete target of this easel is for beginners. Those who just got a canvas and want to start their painting, this is one of the finest tripod stands.

This is the cheapest tripod stand on the list. The prices vary regularly on Amazon but if you can grab this tripod under $25, it’s an intelligent purchase. Check the current price on Amazon.

6 T-SIGN 72 Inches Easel Tripod (1+1)

This time you will get two tripods for the price of One. We have seen people who practice in-home and who practice outdoors with two different easel stands. This combo pack is really helpful for those who need two tripod stands at affordable prices. In fact, When one of my friends started to explore paintings, I suggested this combo pack to him.

He was so happy with that and gifted one stand to his little sister. Even professionals can use this but the accessory space is missing here. The minimum height of the tripod is only 22 inches and the maximum height is 72 inches.

This basic tripod can up to 25 lbs canvas weight, again which is just for beginners. Also, made with sturdy legs like others, you can carry this tripod anywhere. The directions are not clear on the manual but you can easily understand it.

There are two screws at the horizontal bar that can be tightened to keep the bar from moving. Once you reach the top adjustable piece, tighten the horizontal bar and you are good to go. You must use the properly sized canvas that can fit inside this tripod, otherwise, it may lose its stability. 


The price of these tripods (combo) has been significant at the low point in the last 30 days. The price is a reasonable deal. If you want to take a single tripod you could end up paying $25 to $30 but with the combo, it’s just under $35 to $40. You can check the current price on Amazon.

Which is the best tripod stand for All types of Artists?

Choosing the best tripod for art sits depends on the budget, level, indoor/outdoor, and looks. As a beginner, I like to reduce my budget and in that case, I’ll go with a basic one that can hold a minimum canvas. So, let’s dive into which easel stands or tripod stands you can prefer if you are a beginner or intermediate or professional artist. 

Beginner: Beginner painting is all about starting in the right way. You need three things to ace in the painting: your vision, brush, and a canvas with the tripod stand. Prepare with the first two and you can spend your pocket money to get the first tripod stand. 

If you are thinking to start with a minimum budget, you can try this inexpensive tripod (link to Amazon). Otherwise, you can purchase any heavy tripod that can be easily carried anywhere. 

Tip: Beginners, get the right canvas (not too lengthy and heavy). You need to fix the canvas in the basic tripod. 

Intermediate: Intermediate artist mostly cares about the sturdy tripod and great canvas. You need to think out of the box and you need some sturdy and a great tripod. Tripods can be carried anywhere without any struggle. You need some high-quality tripod made with strong material. 

Thus, here is the best tripod stand for Intermediate artists. This sturdy tripod from Amazon has a wooden look that can match your mood if you are in a forest or hill station went to create some amazing arts. 

Expert: Expert already sits with a great vision and canvas. He just needs a better tripod stand. The first thing you need is to place your accessories near the tripod stand. But this beautiful tripod from Amazon is a complete set and can be gifted to anyone.

That’s my recommendation, all the tripods have the best features in various price and usage aspects. You can also get two tripods for the price of one to use in multiple rooms. All the tripods are better in quality. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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