7 Best Monopods for DSLR – With Price and Features

If you are struggling to handle the tripod, better you have to switch for the monopod. There are so many situations where you cannot use a tripod, stabilizer, and drone. Especially when handling with the DSLR cameras. So, here is the list of best monopods for your DSLR camera at very affordable prices. 

1 Coman KX3232 73.2 Monopod (#1 My Pick)
2 IFOOTAGE Cobra 2 C150 Monopod (best brand)
3 AmazonBasics Monopod (Best Budget)
4 Cayer CF34 Monopod (With head)
5 Neewer Extendable Camera Monopod
6 SIRUI P-326 (Best 6 Section Monopod)
7 Koolehaoda 65-inch Camera Monopod

I have a premium tripod which I used to shoot a lot of videos. But when I got to know that, I cannot use a tripod on any unusual surface or at hills. So I decided to go with the monopod this time because it is easier to handle than the tripod. 

And my decision is not wrong hopefully. I need a good decision by switching to the monopod, especially for my DSLR camera. One of the main reasons why people choose monopods is to shoot the videos while they are traveling. So here is a complete list but before that let’s have basic information about tripods vs monopod.

Why is Monopod the best choice for a DSLR?

As you know, lack of sturdiness is the main concern for those who want stability in their videos. A lot of smartphones have an inbuilt stabilization option. Even when you don’t have the tripod you can shoot pretty decent stable videos. The problem comes when you are recording the slow motion, you must need a tripod for the sharpness of frames. 

Documentary and short filmmakers like to have some cinematic shots with their cameras. They need to move the tripod, when you move the camera, you can see the difference. For the people who use creative shots, a monopod is the best option. 

Best Monopods for DSLR


Note that, we are talking about the best monopods for the DSLR cameras and hence, you must get a monopod that supports heavyweight cameras with lenses. If you are looking for monopods for mobile, then you can visit this page.

Some monopods in this list have fluid heads and some of the monopods don’t have the heads. It is up to you to pick any monopod but I would suggest you go with the monopods with a fluid head unless you have a removable tripod head in your home.

1 Coman KX3232 73.2 Monopod (#1 My Pick)

This premium monopod from COMAN is extremely lightweight and extra-large. With a foldable length up to 26 inches and weighs only 3 to 4lbs, this massive monopod makes a great value for money. 

Now what makes this monopod unique is you can attach the heavyweight camera that weighs more than 13 pounds.

A lot of us have to attach the lenses and the biggest concern to have them on tripods and monopods is safety. Now, leave your fear and attach any lenses to the camera and put it on this monopod. 

It can be one of the best and strong travel monopods you can carry anywhere. Coming to other details, this monopod base enables 360 degrees swiveling and 45 degrees tilting in all directions. 

Other features

You can attach any SLR, DLSR camera to this monopod. On the bottom side of the monopod, you will get strong triangle shape legs to balance the monopod on grounds. You will get an 8-year warranty deal which is awesome. Other accessories you will get along with this monopod are; a carry bag, fluid head, and 3 leg base. 

The pan bar and handle can be detached easily or adjusted so that it doesn’t show up in the image or video. You can also remove the tri-folding feet at the bottom side. Check the current price on Amazon.

2 IFOOTAGE Cobra 2 C150 Monopod

This pure red color monopod is something different than the others. The price is a little more than the regular monopods but the best thing is it got the best Red dot design award.

IFootage Cobra 2 monopod is designed to meet the travel and outdoor shooting convenience.

This pure red color monopod is something different than the others. The price is a little more than the regular monopods but the best thing is it got the best Red dot design award. IFootage Cobra 2 monopod is designed to meet the travel and outdoor shooting convenience. 

The quick lock and unlock release can be done using a single hand. This monopod also provides 360 degrees swiveling and 90-degree tilting in all directions. The 4 sections detachable design is flexible in use with the tripod stand at the bottom. 

Other features

It can weigh up to 22 lbs and is suitable for any SLR, DSLR cameras, and camcorders. All the premium materials used like carbon fiber, and aluminum. The price of this monopod is constant around $150 to $170, However, you can check the current price on Amazon

IFootage is a phenomenal brand to provide camera equipment for filmmakers. This easy to carry monopod is lightweight and available in three different sizes: 47 inch, 59 inches, and 72 inches. The price varies for each variant but for basic monopod lovers, 59 inches might suit best in maximum situations. It works with most of the famous gimbal stabilizer types like Zhiyun Crane 2.

3 AmazonBasics Monopod (Best Budget)

Amazon is making a big mark on all the products. Competing with the top brands like iFootage, Amazon has also launched a monopod in the budget.

The simplest design is my favorite thing in this monopod. This lightweight monopod is made of 8x carbon fiber to carry cameras.

A DSLR can be easily attachable to this monopod and it would be great if you get a pan head for this monopod. Generally, monopods are good for carrying and if you want to use this as a tripod to tilt and pan the shots, you need to have a head. 

I was so confused to get a decent monopod head until I found this beautiful and affordable tripod/monopod head on Amazon. Now let’s talk about the features, this monopod’s minimum height when folded is 17.5 inches and you can stretch this monopod up to 61 inches

According to me, the height is decent and it can weigh up to 22 pounds which are really great. You can assume the build quality of this monopod.

You will get the 5 expandable sections with rubber twist locks made with decent material. You may need a small stand to keep this on the ground to make it as a tripod. Check the current price on Amazon by clicking here.

4 Cayer CF34 Monopod (With head)

Cayer CF34 is one of the best Monopods for DSLR at a very reasonable price. This 71-inch professional monopod comes with the fluid head that supports DSLR video cameras and camcorders.

This compact monopod with a folded length of 27. inches weights only 4 lbs but support the maximum 13.2 lbs weight cameras. You will get a complete monopod kit including head, one extra sliding plate, head tilter, and a premium quality bag

This head with a 3/8 universal connector offers 360-degree panning and +90/-70 tilt. You will get 4 sections to extend the monopod up to 71 maximum inches with an ergonomic flip-lock. You can even adjust the thickness of the flip lock using a Y Style key. The removable base is a strength to the monopod if you want to use it as a tripod.

My friend even tried large lenses; Nikon 300mm prime with 2X teleconverter for photography and it worked extremely well. You can enjoy using heavy cameras with large lenses (200mm to 500mm). 


The average price of this monopod on Amazon is $99. It doesn’t come with the phone adapter and if you want to use one, you can take a phone holder for this monopod. The prices vary in any store. However, click here to check the current price of this budget monopod on Amazon.

5 Neewer Extendable Camera Monopod

This solid monopod is one of the inexpensive monopods we have. The carbon fiber used to make this 3-leg base.

This monopod can be extended up to 66 inches (which is really good at this price). You can fold this monopod to 20 inches and can carry it in any normal backpack. 

[Check the current price from Amazon]

The maximum load that it can carry is up to 11 pounds and if you have some heavyweight cameras and lenses then you must use a monopod that carries even more. 

We are talking about the monopods for DSLR cameras, you must take a premium monopod. The premium features like 15-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation are integrated. You can lock the base for free-standing and it’s pretty good at balancing.

Monopods don’t have many negative points, but to be frank, this monopod is a little bit shaky. You need two hands to use this monopod, it’s completely fine for beginners, but if you are expecting a very smooth moment, you must keep this in mind.  


Coming to the price, this monopod is not expensive, you would get this monopod for $60 from Amazon. It is under the offer now, if the price is below $65 anytime, grab this beautiful budget monopod. You can see the current price by clicking here.

6 SIRUI P-326 (Best 6 Section Monopod)

The only monopod in the list with the 6 section extension. This is one of my favorite monopods to pack it in my backpack.

This simple yet lightweight carbon fiber monopod is well suited for any DSLR, Point and shoot camera or a camcorder.

For tourists’ purposes, where the tripod can be a heavy thing to carry and maintain, this could be one of the easiest options to take in the bag. The built quality of the leg is just excellent and the twisted locks are also very strong.

I would say this monopod can handle even the heavyweight camera with ease. The maximum length of the monopod is 61 inches and the foot does not screw off. You can expose or hide the spike but can’t unscrew it. 


Generally, the price of this monopod fluctuates very often. On Amazon, you can get this monopod for around $100 or less. When my friend got this monopod for review purposes, it cost him only $80. You can check the current price on Amazon by clicking here.

7 Koolehaoda 65-inch Camera Monopod

The simple monopod with the reversible 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screw on the mounting plate is inexpensive. The maximum height that you can extend its monopod is 65 inches

The build quality is pretty good and in the price range, you can really expect good stability. Generally, people will find difficulties in holding the monopod.

In General, the stand of the monopod would be slippery, but you will get the foam to hold this monopod. 

The fiver section screw leg knocking system provider has pretty good health adjustment. It is lightweight and beautiful. You can use any digital and film cameras. The best thing about this monopod is you can adjust the height of the monopod to 18 inches and can fit in any backpack. 

It can hold the maximum 7 Kg load of the cameras and equipment. If you use the camera with lenses like me, this might be a good choice.


This is a very basic monopod for beginners. The built quality is good but not that great for the travel experience. For simple use outdoors, this is a good option. You can get this monopod for around $45 on Amazon (Check current price). It’s a good deal but, If you add $30 to your budget, you can get Amazon’s Basic Monopod which is more premium inbuilt quality.

These are some of the best picks for DSLR monopods from the online store. If you are a passionate photographer like me, you must need some awesome gadgets to film some amazing videos and great photos. I’ve also listed some best tripods for travelers under $100 where I’ve discussed the best picks for different needs

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